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  1. Yes, at the moment with Loyverse it is not possible with composite items the variants option, you can only add modifiers to composite items Fro the Vodka, have you considered composite items for them? one shot is ingredient of another item (Vodka) like that the stock of the Vodka will be decreased when making a sale
  2. They are different in several points: - With variants you can track the stock of each variant, but with modifiers it is not possible to do that - Modifiers have a "sales by modifier" report, while variants do not have such a report and are only reflected in the sales by item report - Modifiers are easy to apply on several items with one tap, but variants needs to be created for each item separately - Variants can have their own SKU and barcode, modifier don't have such an option - Modifiers can have a negative price (value) but it is not possible to have a variant with a negative price - In the sales screen in the POS, you can choose several modifiers for the item but with variants you can only choose one Basically if you are selling the same item but with different versions then variants would be best, if you are selling items with additional options (e.g toppings) then you can use modifiers
  3. I connected my KDS correctly and the test prints appears in the KDS, but when I actually save or charge an order it does not go the KDS, why would that be?
  4. I have the predefined open tickets set with my tables names, but was wondering how to save a ticket with different name? (sometimes needed when a customer does not sit on a table)
  5. I don't want to use open tickets, but we still need to add notes to the orders, is there any way to do that?
  6. I am afraid there is no such record in the system at the moment, you will not be able to see those voided tickets
  7. How long can an open ticket be kept without being deleted?
  8. Fanny

    Refund and items stock

    If I make a refund to my items, will that affect their stock levels? (the number of refunded items is added back to the stock)
  9. Hi Sam, No, deleting items will not delete their sales reports
  10. Hi, In the sales report appears some numbers in red and in green. What do they indicate?
  11. Hello, Perhaps you have an issue with the receipt printer settings (Cutter command) and the receipts gets cut off too soon? Here is a possible solution to it go to the App → Settings → choose your printer, then open Advanced Settings → and in the field 'Cutter ESC/POS Commands', add 0A, 0A before existing values. For example: you would have to write 0А,0А,1D,56,42,00
  12. Hello Sam2019, It is not possible to do that, you will need to save the order as an open ticket for the table and then charge it Have a good weekend !
  13. Hello, I know it is possible to export purchase orders, but is it possible to simply print them directly from the back office?
  14. Hi, As far as I know there is no such an option to apply modifiers based on dining options, looks like you will have to add the options manually for each item...
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