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  1. Hello, Loyverse is not designed to be used by customers and only by the store's staff. Perhaps you can add the ingredients as "modifiers" and then have the staff add them based on the customer's request (they can have 0 value if they are not charged additionally for them) This is a link on it https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-set-and-apply-modifiers
  2. Looks like it is not possible to do that on Loyverse. What I do now is use composite items to handle bundled item So the composite item would be the bundle and the ingredients would be the other items, here is a link from the help center https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-composite-item
  3. Hello, It looks like in order to get a receipts to looks similar to the photo which you sent you will need to use a tax which is "included" to the price and it will look like this (like the photo Amirah sent earlier), in Loyverse it is called added to the price, but looks like in your country it is VAT incl. so she changed the Vat name accordingly
  4. Hello, Good article, it would be interesting to see how the retail business and industries will change after this crisis. We can already see how the consumer behavior already changed extremely and maybe a new form of economy will arise and business owners will need to be ready for that.
  5. Hello, You should be able to get it to zero, let us say the item's price is 5 and the modifier is -5 , when selling this item with the modifier, the price for it will become 0
  6. There is no option for gift cards in Loyverse and discounts will not give you the total you are looking for at the end I believe Maybe you can use modifiers as they accept negative values, here is an example of how it looks like
  7. As far as I know, in the total it is not possible to divide the tax based on the amount it is applied to. It is possible to have different tax on each item, but the question is it the same tax on the same item all the times, or does it differ from one sale to the other? How to apply different tax on each item can be done from the item's card on the back office or the POS (this is useful if you have the tax applied to the item in all purchases) Or on the item on the ticket on the POS (good if you apply the tax differently from one sale to the other) I have 2 differ
  8. Yes, at the moment with Loyverse it is not possible with composite items the variants option, you can only add modifiers to composite items Fro the Vodka, have you considered composite items for them? one shot is ingredient of another item (Vodka) like that the stock of the Vodka will be decreased when making a sale
  9. They are different in several points: - With variants you can track the stock of each variant, but with modifiers it is not possible to do that - Modifiers have a "sales by modifier" report, while variants do not have such a report and are only reflected in the sales by item report - Modifiers are easy to apply on several items with one tap, but variants needs to be created for each item separately - Variants can have their own SKU and barcode, modifier don't have such an option - Modifiers can have a negative price (value) but it is not possible to have a variant with
  10. I connected my KDS correctly and the test prints appears in the KDS, but when I actually save or charge an order it does not go the KDS, why would that be?
  11. I have the predefined open tickets set with my tables names, but was wondering how to save a ticket with different name? (sometimes needed when a customer does not sit on a table)
  12. I don't want to use open tickets, but we still need to add notes to the orders, is there any way to do that?
  13. I am afraid there is no such record in the system at the moment, you will not be able to see those voided tickets
  14. How long can an open ticket be kept without being deleted?
  15. Fanny

    Refund and items stock

    If I make a refund to my items, will that affect their stock levels? (the number of refunded items is added back to the stock)

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