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  1. This is also a perfect example of having a Training Mode for Loyverse POS. Simply selecting in the menu were Sales, Items, and all of those options are listed would be a switch to turn on and off training were transactions are not included into the days total if turned on. Also requires the Owner or Manager ID to activate and logs out if inactive for say 15 mins. Just giving my two cents for a better POS system.
  2. Their API is located at : https://github.com/GlobalFood/integration_docs/tree/master/ Integrating this would be a HUGE step for Loyverse and would allow it go grow quickly as a the preferred POS for small businesses. We need something like this or similar that we can have push orders to us from online.
  3. Have some new ideas to throw out there for you guys. 1. Loyalty points can be used for various items, discounts, or a Gift Certificate. The points will then not be a dollar amount like it is now but can be used how the merchant likes to use it instead. I prefer discounts or items in general. 2. The creation of gift certificates. This could be set up like the customer list, but the certificate numbers are automatic, the amount and date created is entered, customer name, and the balance for each GC is is a running balance with each use until it reaches 0 and then it is empty. You could even tie customer accounts through the loyalty portion into this for their details so they are signed up for loyalty on the spot and they get a GC for themselves or someone else. If we can't get Gift Cards in play, then Gift Certificates is the next best thing and can be ordered from printing companies like Vista Print to give to customers. 3. The ability to turn taxes on or off per item or customer. 4. Associate discounts with SKU and/or UPC so this feature can be added onto advertising material and websites for ease of use. No longer would we have to search through a list of discounts for what we want, we simply scan a barcode or enter the Sku and it comes up. Pretty straight forward and something that is, I think, badly needed. 5. Integration with GloriaFood online ordering. This system is another free service like yours with some paid features. They already have an API available so I really do believe you guys can implement this easily with a few days work. All that it needs to do is push orders from the online service and automatically print a kitchen receipt with perhaps a chime to announce an order. Payment is either already completed online or the customer pays in store upon pickup. 6. More methods of accepting payment. It would be nice to see more pay methods other than SumUp, WorldPay, or CardConnect. Not to mention, all but one of these are rather expensive in regards to credit card processing. So some less expensive alternatives would be great. As I have more ideas, I shall share them... But so far the system is great but just needs some attention in regards to competing with services like Square or Toast. The free part is a great spin, but does little in regards to how expansive they are in services compared to yours and people I know would not mind paying a fee for extra services if it means their bottom line in cost is still much lower then these competitor POS systems. Thanks!
  4. What I do not understand is how the improving of Loyverse is so slow? For a growing business, such features as what has been told to Loyverse over the years is key to growing and ensuring continued use of their system. But if they spit out a small update every 6 months such as "night mode" and not something really worth while, then they could start to lose their base for the more expensive, but also more expansive, POS systems out there like Square. Square has everything suggested to Loyverse thus far such as integrations with delivery apps, loyalty programs, even integrations for accounting, taxes, and payroll but they all cost $40 or more to use each service. Loyverse could corner the market, getting in with such integrations or making their own additions and charging far less thus building a much more solid base of customers. But as the rate of change I see in this system, it seems more and more like someone's hobby then a company...
  5. Would think this would be simple to implement too. A simple text field that is indexed with the table of customers so all you have to do when searching for a customer is scan the barcode into the search field and it finds it in the list of "barcode" fields. I suggested a while ago using the email field for this but then you lose any ability of using the email field for its intended purpose unless you note their email in the comments portion. *** Edit, New Development I tested around a little more and found out that now the phone fields and the email fiends are strict with what is placed in them. So you can't simply enter a value anymore have it searchable. HOWEVER, I have also discovered that the Comments field is also searchable. So this field could be used for a unique 6 or 8 letter/number combination for customers to use as their identifying lookup for their account. I don't have a scanner at the moment to test this and see barcodes will work to scan a card and get a read into the search field to look them up. But if you keep the code short enough to start, it shouldn't be to much to simply type in the "account" to find the customer.
  6. New idea came to mind. Cash discount option or added fee for Credit Card with payment options. Beings small business tend to get hit hard by every swipe of a credit card payment, it would be nice to have the ability to add on a percentage charge (or dollar) to the total if credit card is selected as the payment; same for SumUp. And beings this option will never be added to every single order, it would not make sense to add it as a "Tax" to every receipt. Or perhaps proving a cash discount options to entice more people to pay cash would be a fantastic option as well. Once we put in the total and hit Cash, our defined discount kicks in shows the change back with that discount included or something along those lines?
  7. I have had no issues other then getting it from google play, in which case I had to go to a third party to download it. It works fine on the system, even prints to the printer just fine. Google Play itself is the problem because they do not recognized the additional programs set up on the system for remote connection, printer settings, and etc. And like I mentioned before, I already spoke with POS-X Customer Service who said they were in talks with Loyverse about this as well to work on solutions. You guys need to understand that not every business is going to work off a tablet or phone only. Your original POS may be free, yes, but that is no reason to not expand it to other system styles so more people can use it as you guys intend it to be used. I can't afford a $1000-$2000 setup just to run Loyverse, so getting my hands on $650 terminal with a printer is the next best thing. Side note: I did check out APK Pure, sadly even their app doesn't like the custom software of this terminal and wouldn't allow me to download it from Google Play. But just being able to download the file from their website and install it works for me. Eventually we may invest in a different more up to date versioned system. Another all in one though because we can't fit multiple pieces of hardware where we are also, hence a need to expand your software to other systems. Just my thoughts towards the repetitive response of what is and isn't acceptable for your program... Also, the Back Office can be accessed from any system so long as some version of chrome is on that system.
  8. Thanks for that. I will have to look into this. To get Loyverse on my POS-X T1, I had to manually download it from the chrome browser and install manually. Their app could be the loop hole I need to keep the POS updated to the latest possible version if I can get this app to work on THEIR Android 6.0. Google Play with this hardware always wants to show the POS app as incompatible because of its custom android software so I can never get it from Google Play even though I can get the other two with no problem (Customer Display and Kitchen Display). So I will give this a try later. Thanks,
  9. I thought about this myself. Using a card. The only thing I can think of is using the phone number field as look up for any loyalty cards. But I can not test whether anything can be scanned into the field because we don't use a scanner right now. But if it did work, and you can get loyalty cards with a max number of 15 characters, numbers only. Then you could, theoretically, use that field for loyalty cards. If you can't scan in those search fields, and when adding the number to the customer profile, then perhaps use a smaller number count say 6 or 7. That is just an idea for a temporary solution with how it is currently set up. Figured I would share this idea just in case it does help someone...
  10. Customer Loyalty Signup App - The ability to have a very small app just for adding Customers to our loyalty system without having to have the employees do it. I know this feature could be included on the Customer Display, but this little addition would stand apart from that and would not display any ticket information. It is simply an app to sign up for store loyalties. If you want to try and go a step further, perhaps even introduce a secure web form for each account that does this very thing that Loyverse users can link too on their Facbook page or website and then customers can sign up at home at any time. That would be big time saver for employees and customers because then the employee doesn't have to take those minutes just gathering those few lines of information. You know? And after a while, those minutes really add up!
  11. There are a few additions for the Employee Time clock that I think would be a fantastic additions. 1: Employee Scheduling and Calendar - It would be great to be able to actually create an employee schedule that shows on a calendar and table for employees to see what they work. Working over these scheduled hours would then show as OT Hours under the Total Worked Hours report we already have. 2: Employee Pay Calculated - We are given the total hours work which we love being able to use to keep track of employees worked hours. It would be even better and good time savor for the Back-End to input what the employees wage is on their profile and have their earned pay show for the time period selected. Given costs for products, sales, taxes and etc. are all calculated. I think it would be another great feature to simply calculate wage overhead as well. 3: Employee Time off Request - With the addition of the calendar, the simple ability for them to click on it and submit a request for time off or schedule change would be great. We can then go into the Back-End, view those requests, and approve or deny which then blocks out or changes that requested time period. All around, this system is great. Keep it up and never stop improving! It has made a huge difference for my small business in ease of taking orders and fulfilling them accurately.
  12. I just wanted to bring this to attention, as I have done so already with POS-X already. The Android version they have on their current selling terminals is 6.0, however it shows as incompatible in Google Play when you go to get the app there. I know the representative I was talking to through email mentioned they were in talks with your company to try and resolve this concern, and so I wanted to reach out and see where matters were in regards to this. I did find a back way of installing the software by pulling the app from a third party website and installing it manually but that also means I lose out on any updates there may be that may go through for Android 6.0 through Google Play. Thanks, Tim
  13. Wanted to bring up the idea in the reports of separating the item variants from the actual item name. With them combined, it makes it very difficult to report on the common variants of items you may sell. This means you can't get a full idea of how much "steak" you sell across all food items or how many "larges" you sell compared to "smalls" across your store for those using this POS for retail. So simply separating this will be a great help and huge time saver! This means you could also add a "Sales by Variant" category for the reports as well which could list all the variants used across the store along with all the general information such as refunds and gross sales and etc. Beings this would be separated, you could also add the ability, like what you do with modifies, of introducing a means of creating a common variants option where you can list your most commonly used variants in one tool and it will populate those variants to any new items being made perhaps or simply include a button next to "Add Variants" that is titled "Common Variants" where all your variants can be added with the click of a button. Just an idea for that one. Thanks, Tim
  14. Just wanted to bring up the feature idea about integrating or perhaps even creating a "plug in" feature that can work with online ordering and delivery companies that are now starting to become very popular. You may even be able to charge a small fee for each app to use it within the POS system such as employee management and inventory like you have now. The reason why I bring this up is because I am being contacted by these companies now because of customer demand reaching out to them, but I do not want to lose this great system that you guys have developed. Just an idea, that perhaps you can look into creating and allowing plugins for things such as this. Thanks, Tim

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