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  1. doko's post in Android emulators that work with Loyverse Point of Sale was marked as the answer   

  2. doko's post in Linking Loyverse to opencart was marked as the answer   
    you can test the API for future integration with Open cart
  3. doko's post in Ethernet Printer Disconnects Regularly was marked as the answer   

    1. Check the cable
    2. It is possible that many orders are sent to one printer at the same time from different checkouts.
    3. Can register a static IP for the device from which checks are printed
  4. doko's post in Own barcode for weighing items. was marked as the answer   
    yes there is such an opportunity.

    To use this feature, log in to your Back Office, click on the Settings icon on the left menu bar to go to the System settings. 
    In the ‘Features’ section, switch on the parameter for ‘Barcodes with embedded weight’.  Click the ‘Save’ button.

    For more details check help article: How to Scan Barcodes with Embedded Weight
  5. doko's post in POS printer from Aliexpress was marked as the answer   
    Maybe yes or maybe not, it's better to use the recommended list of printers
  6. doko's post in How does tax calculation work in Loyverse POS? was marked as the answer   

    There are two types of taxes that can be applied to items at Loyverse POS (Play Market or App Store) : ‘added to the price’ and ‘included in the price’.

    Calculation of ‘added to the price’ tax

    For example, if the tax rate is 6%, multiply the item’s price by 0.06. So if the item is $20, the value of the ‘added to the price’ tax will be 20×0.06= $1.20.

    Calculation of ‘included in the price’ tax

    For example, if the tax rate is 6%, divide the item’s price by 1.06. So if the item is $20 with the ‘included in the price’ tax, then the value of the pre-tax price is 20/1.06 = $18.87 (rounded), and the value of the ‘included in the price’ tax is 20-18.87=$1.13.

  7. doko's post in Is it possible to install Loyverse KDS on a Chromebook? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, you can use a Chromebook with Loyverse KDS and a smartphone on Loyverse POS.
    Install normally, but if your Chromebook is not Play Store support you need to use apk.
    To use apk on chromebook you need to enter developer mode.
    Help links


  8. doko's post in How to pair KDS in Laptop? was marked as the answer   
    The Loyverse kitchen display only works for tablets.

    Requires Android
    4.3 and up

    App Store
    Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
    But you can study this posts can find answers to your question.
  9. doko's post in How to change the average cost? was marked as the answer   
    Because the system automatically calculates the average cost, to change it, you need to switch off the 'track stock' option in an item and change the cost. 
    Don't forget to switch on Track stock option again and save the changes after it. 

  10. doko's post in How to train cashiers to work with a Loyverse POS? was marked as the answer   

    For example, you can let cashiers study the video on working with Loyverse 

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  11. doko's post in Como elimino los valores y ticket que hice para el probar ? was marked as the answer   
    Puede cancelar un recibo si se registró una venta o reembolso por error o como una prueba. Al cancelar un recibo, este no será considerado en los informes y los artículos serán devueltos al stock.
    Desde el Back Office, vaya a la sección 'Recibos' en el menú de 'Informes de venta'.
    La próxima vez que necesite eliminar un recibo necesitará usar la función de reembolso.
    Un reembolso no elimina el historial de la venta, pero será suficiente para ajustar su informe de ventas.


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