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  1. Ciao Cesare Si, uso Loyverse per la mia attività. Lasciami un recapito tuo che ti conttatto io.
  2. Running the Z report through Loyverse solves the issue in most cases as the switching between modes is automated and reduces user-errors. If I process a sale on the iPad and select cash payment while not being connected to the Fiscal Printer I receive the error message. If I dismiss the error message I do not have the registration on the printer but listed on the recepits within Loyverse.
  3. Hi Mag, Do you refer to the header configured on the Print F! device or the header that I can set in the Loyverse backend? It seems like header information is not fetched from the Loyverse backend as the changes such as Logo Picture and line content is not applied on the printer receipt. I assume this information is programmed on device, right?
  4. Hi Mag, Thank you! So far I have always performed the Z-Report manually from the Print F device and not through Loyverse. This is a nice feature, I was not aware of it. So if I get you right, your point is that if the Z-Report is done through the Loyverse interface the Printer is always in the (REG) mode. Still if someone starts working in the morning and the last shift has not been closed, the printer would reject the registration but Loyverse would still pass it. Could such a registration be pushed again to be registered on the fiscal memory of the printer?
  5. Hello, We are working with the beta Fiscal Printer module which allows us to use Loyverse to handle the fiscal registration together with the RCH Print F! printer. When the printer is not in (REG) mode but for example in (Z) or the previous day has not been closed, the fiscal registration of the transaction fails when confirming a sale on the Loyverse device. Is there a way to push the fiscal registration again from Loyverse without having to re-enter the whole transaction which would lead to double registration?
  6. Hello every, We joined the beta program for Fiscal Printer Support in Italy - I am using a RCH Print F!. Since a while on every transaction that goes through the Fiscal Printer I get the following errore code: "RAGG. MASSIMO NUMERO RIGHE IN TESTA [CL] " - followed by 3 beeping sounds by the printer. The transaction goes through and is registered, however I do not know where the problem comes from. Is anyone familiar with this issue?
  7. Hi Natali - I have looked into this Printer (RCH Print! F) - it usually comes with a separate keyboard to program the various VAT classes. How does the Loyverse POS app talk to the Printer to ensure that the correct VAT is applied? Is there an instruction guide to program the details of the interface? Is there a RCH sales rep who know how to make it work with Loyverse?
  8. Hello I see that Loyverse is compatible with RCH Print! F. Is anyone aware if there is an integration of "TRASMISSIONE TELEMATICA DEI DATI DEI CORRISPETTIVI GIORNALIERI" ?

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