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  1. Looking to get this developed, where the client can order direct from their own mobile device at table, and also the option to order ahead from their own device. Anyone else interested in something like this? We wouldn't mind partnering with others to get this implemented and split the cost. So many opportunities with something like this. Basically, the ordering is done thru a website that is connected to Loyverse thru API. This avoids clients having to download an app or anything complicated. Needs to be super simple for client to operate from their own device, and they can order, and ask for the check when they are ready to pay. Further integration would be to allow customer to pay thru their phone as well, but for now, payment can be processed externally. Let me know!
  2. We are looking to get something like this integrated into Loyverse. Is anyone working on something like this, or is there anyone interested in partnering up to hire a programmer to do this, and we share in the cost and benefit from it's development. Let me know!
  3. I would be interested in this. If you could please let us know when it will be available. Thank you.
  4. Since the introduction of Loyverse API, would be nice to see if anyone has plans or is interested in developing integration with 3rd party agregreators to add orders directly into Loyverse and ticket created. If anyone is interested in getting this developed, I'd be willing to partner up with a few people to reduce the cost of development. I also have some other ideas which would help us in these covid times, such as a Self order system (client orders from their own device), and an in-house delivery/pick up module so clients can order directly.
  5. Ideally, the option would be for the client to order thru a website (nothing to download or QR code to scan), and that order gets sent to Loyverse, and all they need to do is enter their table number. Then the client could just order from their own mobile device, so that they are not using a tablet that dozens of other people have used previously. If anyone gets this going, we would be interested in something like this as well. Check out bbot menu to see what I am talking about.
  6. Hey everyone, we have a very unique request to integrate into Loyverse API to extend something in our restaurant. If there are any programmers out there, we would like to talk to see if this can be accomplished. Thank you.
  7. With the Advent of this virus many government officials are prohibiting physical traditional Restaurant menus and opting for single use / throw away paper menus. A customer facing option where they can place their own order at the table or using a kiosk when they enter would address that issue. Not to mention all the benefits of customers managing their own orders. Gel would be at each table do they can use before and after touching the tablet, in addition, staff can sanitize all tablets proper to customer seating. I imagine this wouldn't be such a difficult option to implement, basically just adding a new user permission which when enabled offers a different set of front end display options as well as limited functions. But its definitely something that any serious POS system will need to offer in the not so distant future. Another option would be to also allow customers to order ahead for dine-in, pick up, or even delivery using a customer app they can download. Client searches loyverse Restaurants based on city, and then select the one they want to order from. Or perhaps a QR code is issues to each restaurant so client can scan an easily our menu is displayed. This would then be a prime opportunity to tie in customer data collection for future marketing purposes.
  8. This seems to be the next wave in tablet ordering systems, the ability for the client to self-order food / drinks @ their own tables. With tablets being inexpensive now, this wouldn't be to large of an investment for restaurants. A restaurant can test this feature on a few tables, just to see customer response. Or have a 1-2 central kiosks where a client can just come to the kiosk to place their order. This would bring a ton of value to a restaurant, making them innovating and willing to try new tech. It would also increase order / ticket size. As well as ordering efficiency (no more waiting for wait staff to come around). Lastly, reduce / almost eliminate errors due to miscommunication. If an item sells out, FOH can disable that item instantly in back end. Client can order from their table, sends / prints direct to kitchen or bar. Order is then delivered by runners / wait staff. Client can have ability to pay with Credit Card @ terminal. Or client can click a button which informs the wait staff they are ready to settle up. I imagine this wouldn't be too hard to implement, yes, some custom work is required, but essentially it could start off as permissions in the bank end. Enabling / disabling certain functions. Like access to items, back office, settings, etc. Something similar to this: https://cbsnorthstar.com/northstar/northstar-pos-software/restuarant-pos-tablet/ https://www.digisystem.com/solutions/SOL00058/ https://www.lightspeedhq.com/pos/restaurant/self-order-menu/ https://www.touchbistro.com/kiosk/
  9. - Ability to add additional cuantities of items already on a saved ticket.  For instance, customer 1 orders a coca-cola.  Then the ticket is saved, coke is served to client.  Then client requests a 2nd coke, so I have to add it as another item.  Instead, it would be quicker if we could adjust a quantity value in the item that is already saved in the ticket.  
  10. Ability to add categories, suppliers on the fly when entering a product inventory.  Instead of having to set that up first before adding a product.   Option to manually enter a variable / custom sale amount.  Square has this, where you can enter any item / service that isn't in the database, and can assign a note & amount to it, and it's added to receipt for payment.  No need to enter a product.  This is useful for items & services which are not regular.  Such as maybe a client wants to buy a pieces of artwork we have on the wall.  Or charging for a food / service item, which isn't normally offered. Customizable receipt option to add an image or marketing / coupon message as well as QRC code.  This should appear on print as well as email receipt  XML option to send receipt details to external accounting system.  I guess this could be achieved in an app.

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