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  1. Is there a list anywhere of third party apps that have been shown to work with Loyverse like this? We're all going to need one very soon.
  2. Can I add a +1 to the implied feature request in this thread please: a settings option to allow us to determine that the cash drawer should open on card payment. We also store merchant receipts in the cash drawer of the mPOP that we have just bought because it is compatible with Loyverse. We don't want to replace the till with a different model, but we do want to be able to put the merchant receipts in the cash drawer. Manually opening the cash drawer each time seems the wrong way to deal with this. I understand that sites using SumUp or other electronic-only card processing devices don't want the drawer opening each time, but this seems like such a clear case for a settings option, so each user can set whether or not the cash drawer should open in their site. Thanks.
  3. As I understand it, printers go into groups. And the groups are associated with particular categories of items. So you could have several printers in a 'kitchen' group, all of which print out ordered items if they are in the 'food' category, but not if they are in the 'drinks' category. And then you can have another group of printers called 'bar', which can be associated with the 'drinks' items. So the answer depends on what you want to happen - if you want the two printers to print out the same information, put them both in the same group. If you want them to print different categories of items, create two different groups and put one printer in each group. What you can't do, I think, is have more than one group of printers associated with a particular category of item.
  4. Hi Mag. That is exactly our situation, and the KDS does not display any orders from the Android tablets connected to access points other than the one the KDS itself is connected to. Can you advise how we might diagnose the cause of this failure? Thanks.
  5. Nick H

    Copy existing item

    Thanks. I had looked at the import function but didn't realise that you could import variants. I've just done an export of my existing data and I think I can see what to do now.
  6. Hi Can someone offer a technical solution please to the situation we are facing where our KDS is not receiving orders submitted by staff in the Front Of House if their tablet is connected to the wifi extender rather than the primary router? Our pub is old and has concrete walls, so without an extender the wifi would not cover the whole building. This must be a very common scenario for large sites. We have a simple set up with a primary router and one extender which is on an ethernet cable - both the extender and the router offer the same wifi network SSID and password so for devices they can move seamlessley between the two access points. However, the KDS will only show orders submitted on tablets connected to the same physical router. Surely if the packet is being sent via IP it should work as long as the router treats the devices as part of the same subnet, which it does. What can we try? Thanks. Nick
  7. Nick H

    Copy existing item

    We're in the set-up phase for using Loyverse, and a major time saver would be the ability to copy an existing item (including its variants, price, cost, and picture) for those instances where we have several similar products, which all need their own entry in the POS screens (so they are not variants of each other) but are otherwise very similar. Entering the same variant information (in this case for a dozen different beer products, all served in "pint", "half" and "third" measures is a pain. And I imagine entering hundreds of clothing items all needing the same size options is equally time consuming.
  8. Yeah, our kitchen staff would also prefer one column per ticket rather than having tickets roll over onto a continuation ticket. Having this as a display option would be great please, devs.
  9. Currently it isn't clear how to show the kitchen how many people are sitting at each table. This is a common data item which kitchens rely on for ensuring that the food they are sending out is matched up with the right number of people. We can 'fake' it, by creating an item called COVERS with a zero price and selecting it for all 'dine in' tickets, but it doesn't feel like the right way to do it. Could there be an optional data field for tickets into which we can enter the number of covers, which displays on the KDS and the receipt etc as part of the header information? Thanks.
  10. Nick H

    Loyverse KDS v. 1.06 for iOS

    Android version is still 1.04 four months later. We really want this feature in Android too. Please can there be an Android release soon?
  11. Many places offer loyalty schemes which don't work by accruing points, but instead involve customers buying (or registering for) a 'discount card' or 'discount scheme' which means that those customers are entitled to preferential prices, usually by means of a % discount. Ours is a very simple set-up: customers who buy a 'discount card' for £25 are entitled to 10% off all their purchases for one year from the date of their registration. We would love to be able to manage this in Loyverse instead of having a spreadsheet to record validity and expiry of discount cards, and having to remember to apply the discount to each sale. We don't need a full-featured CRM system, but some basic CRM features in Loyverse would be ace. So either we need to be able to put customers into a group, and then have a discount applied automatically to every sale to a member of that group OR (which would be a better solution) have an actual discount scheme in Loyverse, which means each customer has a field to indicate if they are enrolled in the discount scheme, and another field to indicate the expiry date. Being then able to sort customers by the expiry date of their discount, and even email them a reminder to renew (or put a message on their receipts if they're within a month of expiry). Would anyone else find such a feature useful? Or have a different way to address a similar function?
  12. Can I add another upvote for this feature request, and a more specific use-case? When Front Of House take an order at our place (and, I imagine, at many others) there is more than one course ordered. Currently we do it on paper like this: Table: 1 Covers: 2 Bread x 2 - - - - - - - - Starter A x 1 Starter B x 1 - - - - - - - - Main A x 1 Main B x 1 So when this comes through to the kitchen, we would like to be able to mark off when the bread is sent out, and again when the starters are sent out, so at a glance we can see that the only thing left to do on the check is the main course. Currently we can't do that, unless we send three separate tickets through to the kitchen (and then they can't all have the same table name). We'd find it very helpful to be able to touch individual items on the ticket and have them 'cross out' (whereas touching the header moves the whole ticket to the 'done' pile).

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