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    Variants for Pizza

    For that you can use the variants option (if you would like to keep track of their stock), please see the below link How to Use Variants of Items Or if you would like to choose several choices at the same time, you can use the modifiers options as shown in the below link How to Set Up and Apply the Modifiers
  2. Hello, Did you notice any pattern to when this is happening? Also, I would recommend logging out of the back office, after making sure that all receipts are synced, and then log back in and see if the issue occurs again. Please refer to the below link on how to correctly log out of the back office How to Sign out from Loyverse POS
  3. Hello there! If you have the cheese added to your items list with its barcode, then you can simply scan the barcode on your POS and have the item added there. However, please note that at the moment we do not have the option to input the price and weight directly from the barcode, it will only insert the item by default as one with a certain price. But you can still leave the price empty and enter it manually as well as sell the item by weight I would recommend having a look at the below links for more information How to Add Barcodes to Items Barcodes Scanning by Built-in Device Camera Hardware (to know more about barcode scanners) How to Sell Items by Weight
  4. Thank you for your feedback, I have moved your post to our feature request section
  5. Amirah

    Items Representation on POS

    I am afraid at the moment there is not such an option to add this information by importing the csv. file, it can only be done manually from the item's card
  6. I am afraid it is not possible to import the images using the csv. file, it must be added manually from the item's card
  7. Yes, with modifiers it is not possible to track the cost I would recommend using variants instead as it has the option to add cost and even track the stock
  8. Amirah

    Payment Fee

    Have you tried adding such a fee as a new item and then add it to the sale? with that it will appear in the sales reports
  9. I went through your chat with Fanny, at the moment it is not possible for items to have negative prices. Modifiers can have negative values but it is not possible to use them to make a price of an item below 0.
  10. Hello, It is possible to add bigger values, but that will depend on the country of your registration, to enable bigger value it will require that the decimal points will be removed from your account. If you do not need the decimal points, then our team can help with this process if you send to help@loyverse.com from you email by which you have registered in Loyverse
  11. I see, in that case for the Coffee maybe add them in several different categories and then add those categories to the "Coffee" page grid view, with that you can select all your items for the Coffee page
  12. Thank you for your feedback, I will be glad to forward it to our team in charged but I cannot promise when it will be implemented to our system
  13. At the moment it is not possible to apply discounts automatically to items or categories, but it would be great if you can post this as suggestion for our team in the below link Feature Requests
  14. The grid sales screen on the POS is available for all devices (How to Change Home Sale Screen Layout), however arranging the screen and organizing different items and categories is only possible on iPads and Tablets (How to Arrange Sale Screen in Loyverse POS). If you have many items and you either have an iPad or a Tablet, then you can arrange those items in different pages based on their categories (e.g appetizers, main dish, salad,...etc)
  15. Hello Garry, Could you give us an example of what happens to the barcodes and how they change when you import them back to Loyverse?
  16. Hello Peter, Perhaps you can consider giving customers points for the vouchers amount then later redeem those points Here is some additional information on that How to Set Up a Customer Loyalty Program
  17. I believe you are facing this issue while using an Android device, please go to Google Play and update to the latest version of Loyverse POS (2.16.3), this should solve the issue and the modifiers should appear in the correct order.
  18. Could you please try the below steps in the exported file then import it again? - On a computer, open the CSV file using Notepad. - Click "File > Save As". - In the dialog window that appears - select "ANSI" from the "Encoding" field. Then click "Save". - That's all! Open this new CSV file using Excel - your non-English characters should be displayed properly. If that does solve the issues, please try opening and editing the file only on Google Sheets as shown in the below link and then importing it back to Loyverse Back Office How to Open CSV File in Google Sheets
  19. The file will contain the main fields only by default, if you would like the other fields to appear (i.e modifiers, variants) you will need create them and add them to a test item and then export your file. The 2nd issue you are facing is not very clear to me, did you try changing the format of the file? because our system only accepts CSV files (the file must end with .csv), other file formats cannot be imported to the back office
  20. Yes, it is possible to track the stock of composite items, but you will have to use the production option -> produce your shots -> and the produced amount will be added as a stock for the composite item. You can see the below link for more information on how to use production function (part of our paid add-on Advanced Inventory) How to Work with Production
  21. Hello, Can you tell us if this happened after making some changes to the modifiers in the back office?
  22. It is not possible to use composite items with variants, and it is also not possible for a variant to be composite item. I can only recommend using modifiers for the Coffee, with that the coffee can have modifiers and be a composite item itself. How to set up Modifiers with Loyverse POS
  23. Hello, My pleasure. I am afraid we do not have the option to make paid features by request. However, feel free to post your suggestion on this link for our team at anytime: https://loyverse.town/forum/29-feature-requests/
  24. You can add as many items as you need, but if you are using the import feature then you can import 10,000 items at a time using a file. Please see the below link for more information on importing and exporting of items https://help.loyverse.com/help/importing-and-exporting
  25. It is possible to have the SKU and barcode for an item identical, the system will allow you to make such modifications. It is not possible to delete items using a CSV file, so adding/modifying some item using import function will not delete existing items on your list

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