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  1. We are software and hardware company that sell POS products and services for all retail stores and products 12 years of POS experience we put it in your hands
  2. Loyverse POS does not generate barcodes, but you can definitely add barcodes to your items and print them on labels from your back office, please check out the below links on how to do that: How to Add Barcodes to Items How to Print Labels for Items
  3. At the moment there is no option for 2 prices on the same item at Loyverse, we can recommend adding 2 items one for wholesale and one for reseller for example, each with different price. Another option would be to use variants and add 2 variants under the same item, one for wholesale and the other for reseller price How to Use Variants of Items
  4. For your item Hamburger, can you make sure that the ingredients stock is enough to make the number of units your selling?
  5. There is no specific feature for that at the moment, you can export the reports to a CSV file manually from the back office as shown in the below link How to Export Data from Reports and Open in Excel Another option to get periodic reports is by using our API, we have a partner who might be able to help you with that via google studio integration. Please contact them from the below link Datado Contact us
  6. We have partners who are providing such integrations using Loyverse API, please check our marketplace in the below link Loyverse Marketplace
  7. Do you mean that they appear in the sales screen as shown below? This outlay is only available for iPads and Android Tablets devices, it is not possible with mobile devices. However, you can get a simpler grid view on your mobile device Please see the below link on that How to Change Home Sale Screen Layout
  8. I see, if you add an item to an open ticket and then save it then add the same item later it will not be combined into one item
  9. Please try to change the file coding to UTF-8 a shown in the below link How to Encode an Excel File to UTF-8 or UTF-16 If you are still having the same issue, then please try to open the file using Google Sheets as shown below How to Open CSV File in Google Sheets
  10. Do you mean when you add items to the sale or when you add items to your item list?
  11. Yes, when searching for an item in the sales screen you need to use a "full word" from the name and you cannot search using only part of the word
  12. It is not possible to do that at the moment (choosing sales availability in a bulk), but you can export and import your items, in the exported file you can select which item is available for sale and which item easily and then upload the file again Please refer to the below link Exporting and Importing Items
  13. Amirah

    Changing SKU's

    You will need to change them manually from the back office directly, exporting the items in a CSV file and then editing the SKU will not be possible as the system will prompt you that there are other items with the same Handle, when changing the handles, it will create completely new items accordingly
  14. Amirah

    Item price limit

    Loyverse team can help with that, you need to send an email to help@loyverse.com from your account's email requesting to have bigger numbers for the prices
  15. Variants can only be set in the back office How to Use Variants of Items But if you want to decide their prices on the POS, you can leave the price field blank and you will be prompted to enter the price on the sales screen

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