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  1. We do not have such a feature at the moment, however, you can name a discount with the barcode And then on the POS, while you have a barcode scanner connected, please tap on the search field From there you can scan the barcode of the discount and it will appear for you to choose
  2. There is no such an option to add items by scanning a barcode It is possible however to do stock counting, purchase orders, adjustments etc (Part of Advanced Inventory) to modify the stock of an item by scanning the barcode of an item in the search field (after connecting a barcode scanner to your PC)
  3. I am afraid that at the moment a modifier can only be chosen once for each item during sale and there is no option to limit how many modifiers are applied to an item A way around, for choosing a modifier several times, could be to have several options for the same modifier, for example "1 Frankfurt" and "2 Frankfurt" and "3 Frankfurt" then other modifiers as "1 Cheese", "2 Cheese" and "3 Cheese" where the numbers indicate the quantity the customer is ordering
  4. I see, I am afraid that at the moment we do not have such an option in Loyverse. Modifiers can only be chosen once for each item during sale A way around could be to have several options for the same modifier, for example "1 Syrup" and "2 Syrup" and "3 Syrup" then other modifiers as "1 Cinnamon", "2 Cinnamon" and "3 Cinnamon" where the numbers indicate the quantity the customer is ordering
  5. Hello, Yes, modifiers would be good for the different types of sandwiches you have For ordering half a sandwich you can sell that item by weight, and then on the time of sale either sale 1 or 0.5 of it. Please see the below link on how to set it up How to Sell Items by Weight
  6. We are a computer services company and official importer and distributor of the SUNMI and CITAQ brands that provide solutions to any type of company in Spain. Committed to customer satisfaction, we use resources optimally to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the country.
  7. If you have different variations (serials) of the product, then you can use items variants to reflect them on the system where each variant can have its own SKU and barcode Here is a link on that (How to Use Variants of Items)
  8. Hello, For the nested items, you can use composite items but in this case the ingredients will not be shown on the receipts (How to Create a Composite Item) If it is a sauce and you want it printed on the receipt, you can use the Modifiers options for that Here is a link on that (How to Set Up and Apply the Modifiers)
  9. Are you perhaps trying to apply an amount discount to certain items? because amount discounts can only be applied to the whole ticket from the "all items" drop down list You can also check this link How to apply discount
  10. Hello, It is not possible to track the stock of the modifiers as you mentioned. One option would be to use variants which will allow you to add inventory to each variant, however, when making a sale you can choose only variants unlike the modifiers where you can choose several at the same time How to Use Variants of Items
  11. Hello, The taxes can only be percentages on Loyverse. For the delivery service you can add it as a separate item to the sale with the price you would like.
  12. Have you considered making the widget item composed of the widget box? One widget can be considered as composed of 0.08 of the widget box (1/12) With that the widget cost will depend on the widget box. However, in this case it will not be 100% accurate as the 0.08 is rounded from 0.083333333333~
  13. Amirah


    Cashierat is an e-shopping website that aims to be the link to provide various points of sale products in the Middle East. CASHIERAT is mainly based on connecting customers with the best and best products and collecting the agency from companies for stronger discounts and guaranteeing the best offers. We believe that electronic shopping can be a unique and personal experience as if you were in an actual store, and we promise you an easy and comfortable shopping experience starting from your selection of the product until it is delivered to you on time.
  14. Looks like the difference is cause by the rounding of 99.58333333 I am afraid that at the moment, Loyverse supports only 2 decimal points so it will always round to 99.58
  15. You can choose if the item is sold by unit or weight from the item's card and then sell it by weight Please refer to the below link for more information How to Sell Items by Weight

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