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  1. 1. If you would like the item's stock to be depleted then you must turn on the track stock for the ingredients before starting selling the composite item, When you start selling the composite item, the stock of its ingredients will be reduced accordingly. 2. Variants cannot have composite items, they are only options that you choose to sell with your items (their stock can be tracked, have their own barcodes and their own cost) 3. All employees who have access to the POS will be able to see the items on the sales screen with their variants, it is not possible to hide this. However, with employee management it is possible to hide the items list on the POS for example so employees will not be able to modify items https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-manage-access-rights-employees
  2. You can delete all your items from the items list, it is not possible to delete them all at once but here you can show 100 items per page and then select all and delete. Repeat the same process for the other pages However, deleting an item and creating a new one (even with the same SKU, name, category,...etc) will result in the item been handled as a completely new item in the sales report Then
  3. Hello Brendan, I will be glad to assist you, can you tell me which part you are having trouble with please? Here are also useful links here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-composite-item https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-use-variants-items
  4. In the total it is not possible to divide the tax based on the amount it is applied to. It is possible to have different tax on each item, but the question is it the same tax on the same item all the times, or does it differ from one sale to the other? How to apply different tax on each item can be done from the item's card on the back office or the POS (this is useful if you have the tax applied to the item in all purchases) Or on the item on the ticket on the POS (good if you apply the tax differently from one sale to the other) I have 2 different types of taxes in my account, so this is how my receipts would like and I am afraid it is not possible to change the receipts format and how it is organized
  5. I am afraid it is not possible to add items that will not appear in the receipts. However, have you considered using modifiers option? it might lessen the space used a bit since the modifiers price will be added next to it instead of under it Please refer to the below image for an example
  6. I am afraid it is not possible to do that on Loyverse, the discount will be deducted first and then the taxes taken into account after that Please refer to the below image for a test receipts I made Another point, taxes in Loyverse are calculated differently. I would recommend checking the below link for more information on how they are calcualted https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-taxes-are-calculated
  7. It is not possible to do that, you can only leave the price field empty for the item and you can decide the price at the time of sale, or you can use composite item and make the wholesale item composed of the retail or the other way around (with this when selling either items the same stock will be depleted) For more information on composite items, please see the below link https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-composite-item
  8. Have you tried applying the discount from the discount list on the sales screen? If you go to the POS -> sales screen -> All items list -> scroll down to discounts you will find all your discounts there
  9. If you are referring to selling an item with different quantities easily (without adjusting the unit amount from the item list on the ticket), then I would suggest using the "sell item by weight" option which is explained in the below link https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-sell-items-weight Note: this is how the item will look like when selling it
  10. Amirah

    How to group items on KDS

    It is not possible to do that at the moment with Loyverse. The items on the KDS will be shown based on their orders and not the category (group) they belong to
  11. Using the store filter in the items list in the back office will affect the stock amounts you are seeing for the item and its price, when you are viewing for all stores then the stock shown in the list will be the total which is available in all stores (if each store has its own pricing, then the price will appear as variable) However, when you filter based on the store, you will see the stock and price of that store only
  12. It is not possible to add an item from the sales screen on the POS, but if you leave the item's price field empty then you will be able to decide on the price at the time of sale
  13. Yes, it is not possible to apply the same discount on the ticket more than once. I can only recommend creating a new discount without giving it any value, with that you can decide on the value of the discount when making a sale
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