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  1. Amirah


    Cashierat is an e-shopping website that aims to be the link to provide various points of sale products in the Middle East. CASHIERAT is mainly based on connecting customers with the best and best products and collecting the agency from companies for stronger discounts and guaranteeing the best offers. We believe that electronic shopping can be a unique and personal experience as if you were in an actual store, and we promise you an easy and comfortable shopping experience starting from your selection of the product until it is delivered to you on time.
  2. Looks like the difference is cause by the rounding of 99.58333333 I am afraid that at the moment, Loyverse supports only 2 decimal points so it will always round to 99.58
  3. You can choose if the item is sold by unit or weight from the item's card and then sell it by weight Please refer to the below link for more information How to Sell Items by Weight
  4. I see, in that case could you sign out of the POS and then sign back in please. Before signing out please make sure that all your receipts are synced to the back office so as not to risk loosing the receipts How to Sign out from Loyverse POS
  5. Amirah

    Negative Cash Item

    At the moment we do not have an option as items cannot have negative prices, you could try using modifiers and give them negative prices for the returned glasses How to set up and apply Modifiers We now have an API to connect Loyverse with different software I recommend checking out our API club on this link Loyverse API Club You can check this post as well early access to API
  6. It is not possible to import images using a CSV file at the moment, you will need to add the images manually to your items from the POS or from the back office
  7. Hello, we now have an API to connect Loyverse with different software I recommend checking out our API club on this link Loyverse API Club You can check this post as well early access to API
  8. Amirah

    Entered the wrong cost

    It is not possible to modify a sale which is already made, and making changes to the items (including the Cost) will not affect past sales and will only be reflected on future sales
  9. Could you try syncing your POS please? it could be that the POS has not yet synced the updates made on the back office Here is where to find the sync button
  10. Hello, I am afraid it is not possible to do that, we do not have an option to set up how a barcode is read by the system
  11. Hello Guy, Perhaps you are trying to apply amount discounts to a certain item which is not possible on our system, you can apply amount discounts only on whole tickets. If you choose your amount discount you will be able to choose the amount for it. Percentage discounts can be applied to both items and tickets Does that solve your question?
  12. Amirah

    Hold the pickle!

    Hello, the modifier is a set of options that can be applied to the items. They help to sell the same item with different options, such as fillings or toppings. With proper application, modifiers will simplify and accelerate the sales process, as well as provide information about which options are most often selected by clients. So yes, modifiers will work for your different sauces. If you do not charge for them, you can make the modifiers prices as 0 The below link explains how to use and set up modifiers How to Set Up and Apply the Modifiers
  13. Amirah

    Variable composition

    If they are ingredients only and not options, then we highly recommend using the composite items options as shown in the below link How to Create a Composite Item However, if they are options with different prices and will more than one option will be selected to the same item, then we recommend using modifiers. As a way around, you can add each toppings as a separate item with its own cost and pricing, then add them all under the category "toppings" for example, and in the POS while making sales you can view that category and add the toppings items to the sale accordingly.
  14. It should not take that long, could you try to log out from the back office -> clear the browser's cashier and then log in and try to upload the file again? this should solve the issue Note: if you cannot log out, then you can exit this open tab, clear the cache and try again
  15. Amirah

    Entered the wrong cost

    You can change the cost at anytime from the item's card as shown below Or perhaps you have an "average cost" instead Because the system automatically calculates the average cost, to change it, you need to switch off the 'track stock' option in item and change the cost. Don't forget to switch on Track stock option again and save the changes after it.

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