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  1. We have a similar requirement for creating 'custom tickets' using online ordering from our web page. We want online orders to create 'custom tickets', much the same as happens when the save button is selected on the POS terminal. Essentially, it's the same functionality as you want to implement using a QR code at your tables. From other posts in this forum, I get the impression the Loyverse team are currently working on providing this functionality. All the best, John
  2. Hi Zad, 1. Open Employees in the Loyverse API that you have imported into Postman. 2. Select 'Get a list of employees' 3. Uncheck all of the Query Params, including the 'employee_ids' 4. Send the query (make sure you have set your 'Authorization' tab to 'Bearer Token' if your not inheriting the key The result will return a list of employees including their UUID.
  3. obejohn

    iOS for iPad

    I'm having the same difficulty. I have 2 iPads using Loyverse POS that run iOS 9. I tried downloading Loyverse onto a 3rd iPad that is also running iOS 9 and I get a message telling me Loyverse is incompatible with this iPad. Is there anywhere that I can get an old version of Loyverse POS that will install on my 3rd iPad?
  4. It seems to me my printer is 'losing its way' either because a buffer is being overloaded or because an ESC/POS command being sent in graphics mode is incompatable with the printer. My printer is a less expensive one that I purchased off eBay (see photo). One thing is for sure, when I run Loyverse in text mode and download the logo file to the printer using the utlity program that came with the printer, it works great!
  5. It turns out that it was because I had Loyverse set to print in graphic rather than text mode. I initially selected graphic mode as I wanted to print our logo on the receipts. Once Loyverse was set to pint in text mode, the receipts printed ok, but didn't have our logo at the top. In order to get the logo to print at the top of our receipts, I used a utility program that came with the receipt printer to store our logo in the printers non-volatile memory (NVRAM). Once this was done, I entered the following ESC/POS commands in the Loyverse initial ESC/POS commands field: - 1B,61,01,1C,70,01,00,0A Broken down, these commands do the following:- 1B,61,01 - center justifies the logo on the page 1C,70,01,00 - prints the logo OA - gives a line feed after the logo so it isn't too close to the other receipt information. Hope this helps
  6. After turning my receipt printer on, it prints perfect receipts for the first order. It also lets me print multiple receipts for the first order and they are all fine. For the second and subsequent orders the receipts are gibberish. If I power cycle (off then on) the printer in it will once again print the first order perfectly, but reverts to printing garbage on all subsequent orders. The printer is a generic thermal printer with usb, serial, ethernet and WiFi interfaces. I am currently using WiFi. The issue exists whether I use an Android tablet or my smartphone. Presumably, I need to send some sort of start up command sequence to the printer in order to intitialise it. Has anyone experienced this type of problem or can anyone offer a suggestion as to how I can rectify this issue?
  7. Loyverse advised me to set Loyverse to print in text mode, which stopped the printer from printing rubbish, but also stopped the logo from printing. To get the logo to print, I inserted the following command into the Loyverse 'Initial ESC/POS commands' field :- 1B,61,01,1C,70,01,00,0A Broken down these commmands do the following: 1B,61,01 - center justifies the logo 1C,70,01,00 - prints the logo 0A - inserts a line feed after the logo so it isn't too close to the receipt data. It was also necessary for me to use a untility program that came with my printer to download the logo into the printers NVRam. This was a simple process and once completed, everything works fine. Hope this has helped.
  8. That would be a great feature, but it dosen't exist at present. Loyverse may be working on it.
  9. Hi, We run a cafe and some orders want both food from the kitchen and coffee from the barista. Is it possible to send the coffee part of an order to the barista and the food part of an order to the chef? Thank you for your help

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