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  1. If you are using Ethernet printers this can be done by configuring the printer as “other Ethernet” and then changing the advanced options for the drawer command - this allows the receipt to still print but the printer will ignore the drawer trigger.
  2. Not 100% if it will let you do it, but have you tried setting up a “reverse” discount that can be added to the bill before checkout? the other option that springs to mind is the “dining options” that allow for different “taxes” on eat in / eat out, you could probably achieve something with that.
  3. Assuming you only use 1 cash drawer on the printer, you could set up the bar printer as an “other model” printer and then use the advanced tab to change the advanced codes with “drawer 2” defined as the cash drawer so the unused drawer is triggered  - from memory, the middle “00” in the drawer command would need setting to “01” - google will confirm!
  4. We have had this a number of times when  “on location” around the UK with events.  If we rely on a tethered internet connection, the (WiFi only) IPad can’t determine its location.  Sumup will only tolerate this briefly- if the situation persists, intergrated sumup payments are effectively broken (sumup has restrictions on which regions you can accept payments - no location info, no payments) It is easy to confirm if this is the case if you open maps on the POS - if it can’t update your current location, that is the problem. 
  5. You could use variants (assuming there aren’t hundreds!) eg a margarita/margarita pizza would be normal margarita but a margarita/pepperoni would be half and half We use something similar where the breakfast item is a choice of any two fillings  eg: bacon/bacon bap bacon/sausage bap bacon/egg bap sausage/sausage bap sausage/egg bap egg/egg bap    
  6. This would be a great addition for both start and end of shift (obviously with option to enter just the total or a breakdown that auto calculates the total)
  7. come to run an event ant can’t take card payments (last event was June) will work through sumup app on same internet connection, but when we try through Loyverse it now connects to reader then says can’t establish a connection to sumup server

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