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  1. Well done. Could easily get the number 1 spot with some more basic POS features and more meaningful updates.
  2. It's now been over a year since this thread started and nothing from the Loyverse team. Yes, I'm still using Loyverse inspite of the short comings. Let's see some updates please!
  3. Roddy

    Loyverse Road Map

    I second this. I've been using Loyverse for over 2 years now and very little has changed since I started with it. It would be nice to know what (if any) updates are being worked on. It's really frustrating waiting for features with no idea if they'll ever happen. Also the updates are so few and far between it would help to know that the team are working on something!
  4. My way around that was to break up each category in to smaller sub categories so there isn't so much to count in one go and I can get that category done quickly before anyone buys anything.
  5. This is fantastic news! It's great to see progress being made.
  6. Roddy

    Customers Address at the Receipt

    Nice wee update. Keep them coming
  7. Is this available on android yet? It's been almost a year and I still can't see the purchase history.
  8. It would be nice to have some customization options with the loyalty points. All or nothing isn't ideal for everyone.
  9. Cumbersome tabs used to manually apply discounts. Can't customize the discount tabs to make them easier to find. Can only use the same discount once per ticket. (unbelievable!!!) Come on Loyverse at least try and keep up with the competition. Any decent POS aimed at the retail sector has discount handling. I've been asking for improvements in this field for over a year and a half and absolutely nothing has improved in that time. Either improve discount handling or stop aiming it at small/medium sized retail stores.
  10. Over a year and a half since my last post above and nothing has been done to improve discount handling in loyverse. All I hear is "I'll pass it on to the team for consideration"
  11. I can't believe you can't apply the same discount more than once per ticket. Why is it not possible??
  12. Hi Christine Thanks very much for that. Since I posted I've found another way of doing it. In the text import file box that comes up when you open the file, change the barcode column from "standard" to "text" and the leading zero's are left intact and remain so after saving the file. This works in Libreoffice calc which is similar to excel so I would imagine it would work there too. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
  13. It's been over 2 months since my reply on this topic and no meaningful updates have happened in the mean time. I'm curious to know what the subscription money is spend on because it's certainly not used on improvements to the system. Literally nothing of any use has been changed in Loyverse over the last 18 months. Nobody seems to look at this forums much less update the pos with any of the very useful feature requests that have been made. It's a very poor show.
  14. I export the items list to make changes to multiple items but when I import it again any barcodes that begin with a zero is missing the zero at the beginning. Is there a way to stop that happening because it's playing havoc with our stock figures and causing problem at the till.

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