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  1. Last sunday my POS suddenly stopped communicating with my sumup device. It's logged in, POS can connect, but when we choose to pay with card, it hangs. Communication betwen Sumup and my phone is still working. Any sugestions to get it working again?
  2. I'm from the Netherlands, and I also want to support the need of in house accounts. We've got a lot of regular customers in the bar of our basketball club with open tickets. Ususaly they will pay their open ticket at the end of the month. The only thing that bothers me is that the purchase they make is not deducted from stock. So when I want to take inventory, I also have to count the items on the open tickets. It would be a good update if items bought on open tickets are immediately deducted from stock.
  3. Be carefull with the choice of your printer. I bought 2 and both won't work with Loyverse. I'm using IOS, within IOS there is a limited number of printers that will work! If you use Android, nearly any bluetooth printer will work. https://loyverse.town/where-i-can-find-a-list-of-all-printers-which-support-loyverse-pos
  4. How to connect the printer using Bluetooth on IOS

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