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  1. The nature of our business is the delivery of fresh produce. Here's what we at Shop Se7en did - We added an item called • Delivery (we put the little dot so it would appear at the top of our list every time and added a little car icon for style)  Then we put in the unity cost of delivery as $1 - this now is the unit rate per KM of distance which is the rate for delivery (that is the unit we use here in the Caribbean) The further you are away, the more we put in and we use Google maps to give us an accurate distance to the location. 
  2. Downpayment feature:  A customer can come and make a payment on their items and have a balance receipt sent to them. Also the ability to Send an estimate without taking a screenshot. Like a pro forma invoice.  
  3. The ability to send estimates to customers. The screenshot just does not capture long options and doing it from the iPad means we have to crop. Customers call in orders, email and send orders via messaging apps, we would like a way to export the order even if it is a png, jpg or your same HTML format, that we can send to them in the app of choice.
  4. Downpayment or layaway option. Like higher purchase where the person can make multiple payments towards their purchase and their payment, subtracted from their balance and a receipt showing both the balance and the total paid.
  5. We usually rely on screen captures of the order to send to the customer for confirmation. This is a work around and doesn’t quite work when the order is like 50 items deep. I’d like to see a solution also

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