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  1. I am thinking the same, currently I am using IPAD, however its still ok for small kitchen, bu we tried to use Ipad Extension cable for monitor, the screen and text getting bigger. But I have not found out using the loyverse setting, the other way is setting in your device . 
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    Why cant i print receipts

    The primary procedures to setup printer are 1. in Your bluetooth printer, make sure your printer is recommended one or generic bluetooth printer (we will check later, which is detectable by Loyverse and android device). 2. Back to your loyverse android device, . login as any user, make sure your device and printer is close by just to assure connectivity, then go to setting, choose printer , click the + sign in bottom right of your loyverse, then add printer with any name, eg printer mrA, msB, etc. then in printer model, if not in the list, scrool down to select others, then select interace Bluetooth, then search for BTPrinter (It should get your device ) else enter your IP address, if it is recognising your BT then go to step 4. Else goto step 3 to identiy your BT IP Address. 3. To look for your bluetooth IP Address, from your computer or android device identify the ip address of your BT Printer, by accessing your router device list, and in your internet address bar, or common routers ip address setup, enter admin with your password or empty password , then select client or wireless connection device list, and see bluettoth and write down the ip address, example., this will be used in your loyverse printer setting.      4. try to print TEST, it should come out normal. 

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