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  1. Has anyone figure out a way to maximize the amount of orders shown on the KDS. Having 4 confuses the employees and they need to have 8 orders shown ...
  2. If I have a manager who approved the discount/refund, I want to know who was the manager that did it. The report in back office will say that the cashier who did it.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a report on who did a refund? Like who approved it?
  4. Just curious on why do you need to open the cash drawer after a card sale?
  5. I have the printer and I can connect to it and print receipts.
  6. Easiest is just to delete the app or if it's an android, clear data/cache.
  7. You won't be able to put an R in front of it but you can enter the amount as is.    And Hi - I'm Khmer from Los Angeles
  8. Create a second store and call it a test store? That's what I did.
  9. I have a primary internet and a back up LTE internet that is set up as a fail safe. What that means is that if the primary internet goes down, the failsafe should kick in and I don't lose any downtime.   You will need to purchase a cradlepoint (ranging from $300 to $1000) and make sure it is configure correctly. I have a 2 gb LTE internet from T-mobile and I don't usually go through all of it unless the primary internet goes down for more then a week.
  10. Due to lack of activity, the tablet bascially will log off a bluetooth device to save battery. It's more of an issue with the tablet then LoyVerse.
  11. It needs to be Internet Capable and that it is one of the Epson printer that can be found here: https://loyverse.com/hardware If it is, you create a new printer and click search. It should find a device automatically and you will press okay.
  12. Does anybody know how to make the KDS screen larger? I want the font to be bigger to be read like from across the room or something?
  13. Is there a way to automatic email reports from back office to an email instead of logging in each night/morning to look at different pages? 
  14. Hey guys,   Does anybody know how to not add loyalty points with the whole purchase (including tax). I want people to only get points to what they purchase in store.

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