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  1. mohu

    Amount type Discount

    I'm facing another problem that Amount type discount doesn't show up on each items. I can see only Percentage discount on it. So, if I put amount type discount on a ticket, it effects all items, not only specific items. i.g. Beverages discount 40THB each Foods NO discount I can't do this in a same ticket. The only thing I can do to solve this issue is make many Amount type of Discount and put them how many I need for the specific items. That can be made mistakes, I know.
  2. I do want a Self-Ordering system with Loyverse. I think that customers can use it easily. Just give them an indivisual pass code to input their order. 
  3. mohu

    Export Sales Summary

    I just got a phone call from my accountant about previous month's sales summary (December 2018), and he said like the year of sales summary are all 2019 (It should be 2018). I didn't know why at first, then I found the downloaded Export file from Loyvese is input wrong year 2019. Please remind if you download it in this year.
  4. DanK Opps, sorry! Let me answer again. the most painful problem I used to have then Loyverse solved is Paper bill and basic cash register. I used to use a paper bill printed by my own printer. The problems were; Writing down the order, it took a little time which made time lag until cook. All of our staff had to memorize the price of food, desert, and the codes to write fast. Sometimes, we misunderstood the code of order, forgot to write/make additional orders. If our customers wanted to check the bill, it was hard to understand for them, I had to explain each ite
  5. It's Sync. I'll tell you in advance that it may caused by my internet connection or wifi rooter. I'm using iPad for cashier and android 7.0 tablet for taking order, but sometimes they don't sync eventhough I tap both 'Sync' button, any error and notification don't come out. It is the painful problem because if at first, open ticket sync properly, after that additional order was taken, then sync problem occured, if the customer paid before sync is completed, I lose money of the additional order. Once payment is completed, a

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