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  1. this problem still exists and it's a real issue. loyverse still re-uses sku's that have been used before and it is still messing up my connected platforms. Do you have any plans to address this issue? if a sku has been used, never use that number again.
  2. i cant just delete in shopify aswell cause shopify remebers what sku it used in the past. suddenly all kind of deleted products appear again with wrong variants etc.
  3. i dont think you understand what the problem is. loyverse cant have two existing sku's AT THE SAME TIME but it can over time. if i delete from loyverse and make a new product it has the same sku. so it loyverse DOES allow double sku but not at the same time. for the connected platform it results in a problem.
  4. above product, in the image, doesnt have an xxl option and it doesnt cost 99 euro. This product did have an xxl option long time ago but it was deleted in shopify long time ago. now shopify sees the same sku again and thinks it belongs to that product as a variant. but it should be a variant of another product.
  5. now i end up with shopify products that have a variant of a different product like this one:
  6. hello, if i delete a product in loyverse (product A), and after that i create a new product (product B) in loyverse, the variants of that product has a sku that shopify has seen already. Now shopify will add the variant of the new product(product B) to an existing shopify product. So you will end up with a shopify product that is NOT product A or B but it has the variants of of product B. I understand if you dont follow me, but In reality it means that now i have products in my shopify collection that have image count and prices of different products! and the worst part is that i dont know what products unless i go thru each product one by one to check! its a major flaw!! I have been thinking about all the angles and my conclusion is that loyverse should never re-use a sku number once it's been used.
  7. Hello Loyverse developers. I have run into a major problem with Loyverse. If i delete a product in Loyverse and after a while a make a new product Loyverse re-uses the SKU that was used before. This causes problems with other platforms Now Loyverse has an API it means that the software will be communicating with other platforms. And other platforms get confused if a SKU is RE-used. If a product has SKU 123 and after a while ANOTHER product has also SKU 123 (because loyverse reuses sku count if a product is deleted) it gives all kinds of trouble... Introducing the API also means that sku's should never be re-used and should count on. Right now syncing new products to shopify is not possible because of this, i would imagine woocommerce would handle the sku problem in a similar way thanks, Joris
  8. yes that's what i thought, and sorry to drag this on, do i make a key in the database? maybe if you feel like helping me further i can make you a user? i'm sure its just one setting somewhere cause it's not populating the database. if you send me a mail at hello a almost-summer.com
  9. yes that would be good, but i suspect you have something setup in your data store or data structure that i'm missing cause its not passing in the in stock quantities:
  10. that's great, i needed to add INVENTORY_READ in the scope and after that it worked with the HTTP connection I run the second blueprint and i get an error in the last module (see pic below) Do i use the same data store as the first script/blueprint (the one that creates the sheet with the products)and if yes do i make a KEY where there second script is looking for? or is it two different data stores that are just blanc. last module gives this error:
  11. that's just absolutely fantastic and i can not thank you enough that you created this! besides that it already works this gives my finally some examples how things work and to learn from. I added a filter in the first connection so that the sheet is not populated with old loyverse products that are no longer relevant(see pic below) So the first part (populating a sheet with products works, but i can not understand how to connect to the HTTP OAuth module, the first module in the chain to update the stock

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