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  1. Hi! You can use Open Ticket which you can save and come back to it later when customer will pay it. Please follow the link for more informations: https://help.loyverse.com/help/open-tickets
  2. Hello! Such feature existed but now is not available anymore on Loyverse POS. Here you can find all the detailes you can add about customer.
  3. Hello! This is not possible. Labels are printed from Back office - Advanced inventory while orders are sent from POS. I think is better to use a kitchen printer for orders.
  4. Hi! I think is better to use your PC only for Back office and for POS to use  Android device. In such way you increase the chances to connect succesfully your printer with the POS device. On website there are some informations which may help you:  https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-set-usb-printer-android-device  
  5. Hello! I think it is like this because 1.9* 6.5%=0.1235 but system rounds it and write only 0.12. Then when it calculates back you got different number: 0.12/1.9*100%=6.31578...%
  6. Hi! You cannot see your composite item in sale screen? Maybe you forgot to mark it available for sale.
  7. Hello! All the amounts and prices on the receipt are not specified by any currency, just by a number. However, for paper receipts, you can change the settings to add text (your desired currency) at the end of the receipt. How to set currency. About loosing data I think is better to consult support team. They will ask all necessary detailes in order help you to resolve the problem. Hopefuly it is helpful advice for you! ​
  8. Hi there! Requirement of the Loyverse KDS for iPad is iOS 8.2 or later while for Android is 4.3 or later. A minimal requirement is 7” display and the 600 dp for longest side of tablet. KDS uses about 1-2 KB of memory per receipt. From time to time, you can clean the receipt archive on KDS to free space. For better visibility, it is recommended to use at least a 10” tablet. The tablet should be positioned in landscape mode. The device requirements for Loyverse CDS app are as follows: iPad (iOS 8.2 or later) or Android (4.2 or later) tablet. Loyverse CDS app works only on tablets and should be positioned in landscape mode. The minimum requirements to use Loyverse POS on your devices are Android 4.2 or later and iOS 8 or later. We recommend Android 5 with 1 GB of RAM and 1 GB of free space on your device.
  9. It is possible to make sales offline with Loyverse POS, but in order to sync all your sales data with your Back-office, you will need to connect to internet. When you make sales offline, all your receipts will be saved on your device. When your receipts become synced with Loyverse back-office, they will automatically be deleted from your device in order to save memory space. All other functions are not available offline. Please note: If you make sales and log out while your device has been disconnected from the Internet (offline mode), you can lose your receipts. So before logging out from Loyverse POS, make sure that all your receipts have been transferred to the Back Office. ​
  10. This is the ticket, right? As I know in ticket cannot be changes these lines; they appear in the order you introduced them. But then on receipts the same items should appear in one line.
  11. Hello!  I can recommend you to export the file and add the new stock for each item in the CVS file then import it again. Here you can find detailed informations.
  12. Hi! In sales by items in the up right corner are 3 points; if you will click on them will appear the posibility to display more fields in you table. One of them is cost of goods. If you choose to display the cost of goods then you may see the total cost for each item. If you would like to calculate the total cost of all goods then you can export the sales by items report and calculate the total cost of sold items. Also another way is to download Loyverse Dashboard app and then you can see the total cost of sold items in Sale summary report. https://loyverse.com/dashboard
  13. Hi! As I know the iOS device doesn't support usb printer. For Android tablet is very important that usb printer respects the protocol epson esc-pos. So I suggest to switch the setting from Star esc-pos to Epson esc-pos. There should be detailes about protocol in the printer manual.
  14. Hi! When you want to add an open price item, you should leave the field for price blank. Therefore, when you sell this item you will be able to enter the price you intend to charge.
  15. Hi!  It should work well. I think is good idea to approach the support team via chat. Specify version of CDS on iOS and iOS version of your mini iPad. If you would make screenshot or/and video then surely you will receive exact answer. 

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