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  1. Please try the same using Postman or any other sender with user interface, send to me example request and responses. It will help, find issue more faster. I'm not super familiar with php.
  2. Also loyverse api support webhooks, in order to receive triggers in real time.
  3. Doesn't looks like here exist simple solution. You can try get all items from old account and create this items in new account. And in new account you can fill for Each Item field reference_id with item id from old account. Then from old account save all images with names like 497f6eca-6276-4993-bfeb-53cbbbba6f08.png. Then find matching fields reference_id and image name. if it match run upload image function.
  4. Webhook was created by token created by Oauth2 authorization?
  5. Hello, looks like you send json with invalid character not supported by json format
  6. Hello, issue resolved, thank you for reporting.
  7. Recently we don't make any updates. Is this error now still reproducible? if issue reproducible, please knock to email help@loyverse.com with example url, json body, and response.
  8. Did you try use reference_id field as unique key instead sku? Or also you can setup webhooks and after each update receive actual data automatically. Also you can compare not only sku, buy also name, price, type of weight, etc.
  9. Hello, can you clarify your question? you mean how setup webhooks feature?
  10. Why in payment_type_id all letters uppercase register?

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