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  1. This loophole in the system has been reported before where Cashiers can print a bill for a saved or open ticket, get paid and then void the ticket. Likewise they can void an item once payment has been received against a printed bill. In both instances where there is a cash payment, cash can be pocketed without the system picking this up. We have a small pizza business with 1 cashier/supervisor and a pizza maker and have been using Loyverse since 2018. We cannot disable the void saved ticket or item feature, as customers often change their minds after a ticket is saved, and we need to update th
  2. Our business uses the open ticket feature for some of our orders in order to get the kitchen order processed asap. This is usually where the customer is paying by card and could take some time to process payment. We use the default : Ticket - "timestamp" for the Order Number but as you can see it is possible to have the same timestamp for 2 different orders placed in the same minute interval. This is not the case when payment is processed without an open ticket created. In this case a unique order number is created by the system. As an improvment It is requested that the seconds
  3. I see with Loyverse Android Beta 2.0 the initial sales receipt no. is now referenced on the Refund ticket in 'red'. This very good news as it now makes it easy to find the sales receipt. We still however need a field for Reason for refund
  4. 1. Please could you consider putting a "Comment" Field on the Refund Ticket. We would like to use this field to have some record as to why a refund was issued.  2. It would also be useful to include a reference to the original Receipt No. that the refund was issued against. Only an Order No. is referenced, but this seems only to apply if the item category has bee assigned to a kitchen printer  
  5. Our business currently uses a Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70L. It has a 10" 1920x1200 display and works pefectly. 
  6. When printing to the kitchen printer using an Android device, the items are printed in the same sequence as on the receipt. Which is good. However if you use an IOS device the sequence of the items on the kitchen printer are grouped alphabetically. This is a problem for our business where we need to prepare two items together. Like a pizza with a certain topping (and not a modifier). We have a customer who will order several pizzas with different add-on extras and it is difficult to associate which add-on goes with which pizza from the kitchen ticket. Can you not make IOS kitchen tic

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