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  1. Hi! Is possible by changing the owner's email address. For this please write specifically to help@loyverse.com from the actual business owner's email. When this is done, please also let us know here via chat and our support team will change the owner's email address upon request within a few hours. 
  2. Hello! You are right, in Back office will be displayed all items, even though you filter by store. There is an explanation why in the back office the filter by store works in this way; if the filter by store would determine display of item or not, then there would be a case where the user would never see some goods on this list (for example, ingredients of a composite product which are not available in any store). The items marked with "available for sale" on specific store are displayed separately on app but not in Back office. The filter by store in Back office he
  3. The functionality to add information about customer on receipt is currently available. These settings only affect the display of information on the receipts for the clients, such as printed receipts and email receipts and do not affect the format of receipts in the archive in POS and in the Back Office, where customer information and notes are always displayed. Go to the ‘Receipt’ section in the ‘Settings’ menu in the Back Office. In the Receipt settings, switch on the ‘Show customer info’ option if you want to display the information of your registered custom
  4. Hello! If the employees will close the tickets then they will need printers connected with the POS devices from where they cash out. There is a way to use one printer for many POS devices if you use Open tickets syncronization. This means that your employees will be able open tikets but they will be charged using the device connected with printer and cash drawer. https://help.loyverse.com/help/tickets-synchronizations
  5. Hi! What device do you use for app, Android or iOS? For Android devices is possible to connect other printer as well respecting certain recommendations while for iOS works the supported models only. Please follow the link for more informations: https://help.loyverse.com/help/supported-printers
  6. Hello! If you would like to enter sales with previous dates, please follow the guide below: Make sure you're in online mode, then Log out of the app. Change the time and date settings on your device (to enter sales from 25th of August, change to 25/08). After doing this, log in again and you can enter sales for the specified days. Then log out from the app again and change back the date and time on your device. Finally, log in to the app for a last time and continue enjoying Loyverse. Hopefully is helpful for you!
  7. Hi! There is no way to sync open tickets on different mobile devices without internet connection.
  8. Hi! Intersting how this would be helpful for you? There is not possible to select such a custom period. Anyway, if you go to Back office- Reports-Receipts is possible to see the time when receipt was made and by clicking on the receipt you can see the detailes ( the sold items). Is this helpful for you?
  9. Hello! At the moment are printed only the points earned and the points redeemed, but not current points balance. Anyway, thank you for your feedback! Loyverse development team will consider to add this option in the future.
  10. Hello!  In order to apply a discount to a specific item, press on the line of the item, in the current ticket. The window to edit goods in the ticket, will open. In the discount section, you will see the available discounts. Switch on the desired one, and save changes by tapping on the ‘OK’ button. You can find more information here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-apply-discounts-during-sale
  11. Interesting request. Could you why this would be helpful for you so that i can send your suggestion to development team?
  12. Hi! Loyverse supports 80 mm and 58 mm paper width. Here you can find more information. Have you tried to install hardware for Loyverse POS?
  13. On Loyverse website are posted the some models of barcode scanners for Andoid and iOS devices. However there are general requirements for barcode scanners to function with Loyverse POS. Android devices works with scanners supporting HID protocol. You can use scanners with Bluetooth interface or USB scanners via a USB OTG adapter/cable. IOS devices supports only Socket Mobile 7Ci and Socket Mobile 7Qi scanner models.  The built-in rear camera of  iOS Mobile Device can be used to scan item barcodes during sale or adding new items to the list.
  14. Double taxation appears mostly as a consequence of tax legislation and refers to income taxes paid twice on the same source of earned income, asset or transaction. There are two situations it can occur.  First is when income is taxed at both the corporate level and personal level. (Eg. Double taxation often occurs when corporate earnings are taxed at both the corporate level and again at the level of shareholder dividends. That is, the earnings of a corporation are first taxed as corporate income and then, when that income has been distributed to the shareholders of the corpora

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