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  1. Haven't used it. But are there other printers available? or you are set on getting that one? I use the Epson TM-T88V Ethernet. it's expensive but reliable and I can get it to print logos and graphics at the top of the bills. used it for 7 clients so far, oldest is over a year now and no problems this far.
  2. hi, check your wireless settings, make sure you network is not set to "guest" and that you don't have "access point isolation" enabled or "ap isolation". it might be a setting that prevents your wireless devices from communicating with the rest of the network. let me know if that works.
  3. hi, you can change the passcode in the back office, under the employee management section. hope that helps!
  4. The initial login has to be done with an authorized email account. That would be to register the device as a POS device on the account. After that, you can use a PIN to login to the account. You can create the various users and assign PINs to them in the back office. Hope that helps!
  5. that's an excel issue. Defaulting the cells to to that format. you can try another csv software and see if that helps
  6. Assuming you are on the Android platform, there is no option to reprint a ticket. That feature is only available on Apple devices right now. I have brought it up with their support before, but it has not yet been addressed.
  7. are you looking for a non-thermal? or a thermal? your question and body of your post are conflicting.  
  8. I have a new client, interested in setting up a Point of Sale. Very basic bar.. He has no need for a receipt printer, but wants a cash drawer to open whenever a sale is processed. Is there a way to accomplish this through the POS?
  9. Are you able to ping the printer from your PC? Also check your wireless settings for the router and make sure you don't have it set to isolate wireless devices. It's a nice feature to protect your network, but it prevents wireless devices from seeing the other network devices.  
  10. Hi,   I've been looking at the bluetooth thermal printers on amazon.com A few of them say they don't support Android 7.0.   Has anyone tried to get any of the inexpensive, portable, bluetooth printers working with the software? Thanks.
  11. Once the item is saved to the open ticket. If I have 10 items and 10 people order it but haven't paid.. then when the 11th person orders it, the stock will say there are still 10..  that will cause problems. Better to get the update earlier on.
  12. it varies with brand what printer are you using?
  13. You will need to know that IP address that was set. It has to be in the same subnet (IP Range) as your network otherwise it won't be able to communicate with the rest of the equipment. What brand is it? Some manufacturers have an app you can download to find and reconfigure the printers.
  14. Woot! found the solution.. instead of using the 1C, 70, 01, 00. User Hex 1D,28,4C,06,00,30,45,20,20,01,01 which represents the Hex equivalent of the location 32, 32. So basically, upload your image and save it with reference code 32, 32 using the Epson TM Utility. Then in the Loyverse software use the ESC/POS command as 1D,28,4C,06,00,30,45,20,20,01,01.   Tested and confirmed working!
  15. thanks for the reply, but it is not a printer issue. I am able to test print the logo without an issue.  the challenge is to get the loyverse settings to reference the stored logo. based on research so far it seems as though people were only successful with getting it to print with older models of the Epson printers. I emailed Epson to find out how to get the hex address for the image. hopefully that pays off. but still, if anyone was able to get it working with the T88V, please let me know.   thanks.

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