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  1. What is a tax-free weekend? Tax-free weekend (or sales tax holiday) is a tax elimination or reduction for specific goods in certain days or weeks. In the United States, tax-free holidays usually occur in the same weeks or weekends each year. Each state has its own schedule, but most of them occur in the last week of July or first half of August. Tax-free weekends are designed to help people save money on buying goods necessary for living and studying. In most cases, this includes school supplies and books, clothing, computers and Energy star products. In Virginia, Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana where hurricanes happen, some tax-free weekends also include hurricane preparedness items. Some tax-free weekends are created as incentives for supporting the development of businesses.
  2. Gross merchandise volume (or GMV) is a value, which is used by e-commerce businesses to measure website performance. GMV is the amount of all items that are sold through the online marketplace. How is GMV calculated? GMV = sale price * quantity of items sold For example, if an online marketplace sold 1000 pieces of headphones at a price of $5, the GMV of that website is equal to $5000. Like gross revenue, GMV does not include discounts, taxes, delivery fees, item returns, additional costs, etc. GMV usually helps to evaluate an online marketplace and company who own the website, but it is not the only key measure. World e-commerce marketplace giants like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have a high GMV. What is the difference between gross merchandise volume and gross revenue? GMV is very similar to gross revenue which uses the classical retail model. But it differs, however, in that it works with the online customer to customer (C2C) model only. This means that the online marketplace owner does not sell the items personally, does not have that inventory, and does not deliver the items to customers. Instead, the marketplace owner serves solely as an independent mediator which connects sellers and buyers without actually participating as either.
  3. Bill Gates net worth in 2018 is about $94 billion. In 1999, at peak time, his net worth was about $100 billion and Bill Gates has been the richest man in the world. At this moment he is second only to Jeff Bezos richest person in the world. Jeff Bezos net worth in 2018 is $135 billion.
  4. Register your business in Google My business listing and add your place on Google Maps. This simple ways allows you to attract customers living near your place. This is first steps to advertise your business and it's free.
  5. Do you mean 80mm x 76mm thermal paper roll? 76mm it is a diameter of paper roll I think. It is a standard 80mm thermal paper for a receipt printer. Loyverse POS supports many such printers, but you need to check the printer model on the website.
  6. Can someone explain about store credit? What it means and in what cases it is used?
  7. I read couple years ago, that the McDonald's average receipt was about $5. I think, now it is the same average amount.
  8. Try to find your uniqueness and advantages and be little unusual compared to other players and continue to innovate your unique model. And while your competitors will copy your current style, you will be working on your new advantages and will be always staying one step ahead of them. 

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