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  1. What is order management?
  2. Chuck

    What is layaway?

    In Australia, layaway is called lay-by.
  3. A negative interest rate is an interest rate with a negative value. The point is that interest rates shall not fall below zero. So how is a negative interest rate possible? There could be a couple of reasons. 1. Real interest rate becomes negative due to inflation The real interest rate calculation formula is: Real rate = Nominal rate - Inflation For example, if a bank set the nominal interest rate at 3% and if the inflation is 3.5% a year, the real rate will be negative (-0.5%). In this case, if you put $100 in the savings account, normally, it should be $103 after
  4. Employee performance management appeared in the 1960's, and it is used to determine an employee's performance. It has been an indicator and source of employee's wage and financial rewards determination. It has replaced various employee appraisal approaches which has been less effective. For employees who could be motivated by financial rewards, the performance management of the 60’s has been effective and worked well. But from the 80's, such system was becoming increasingly less effective because many employees’ motivation was becoming increasingly dependent on developing their skills an
  5. In my case, I can create composite items in composite items to nesting level 4. From your description, I think your composite items is smaller than level 4. Or bigger?
  6. I download Loyverse POS from here https://apkpure.com/loyverse-pos-point-of-sale/com.loyverse.sale
  7. Does anyone use the Socket mobile SOCKETSCAN S700 barcode scanner on iOS Loyverse POS? It works well? I want to buy one.
  8. I don't apply this concept, I think that a customer is not always right. But I try to understand my customers, as far as possible, including difficult ones. And I always try to find solutions how to make these clients satisfied. My attitude is that my clients are my teachers.
  9. Entrepreneurs of all time were thinking how to prevent employee theft.
  10. How do I find the IP address of my printer? There is an assumption

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