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  1. Hi. You go to receipts. You will find the list of receipts. Just click on the one you need and click print.
  2. I use a very user friendly software which is called MANAGER. It is what we might call Accounting software for nerds but very simple logic and it works fine with everything which a SME can expect from an accounting package. 
  3. Have the same issue. Once the trial period expires, only you can still use the apps. However no more possible to create employees or POS or Sites. 
  4. Is it possible to create an algorithm so that we create an automatic combo sale for customers as follows:-  If x buy 1 pastry P + 1 product X  he pays specific product Z at special price instead of normal price? Like when we buy a meal from MCDo  
  5. Can we use Loyverse for daily normal sale transaction and get access to the sales reports and other modules if the trial period expires and we do not reactivate for the yearly subscription for employees? Am asking this because I find that even these reports are not available when trail period expires .
  6. Is it possible to upload a txt file with the stock deliveries in Loyverse POS which then takes into account this new entry and updates the stock automatically?
  7. What is the purpose of the Synchronize button if a wifi network is available? Does the Operator need to synchronize manually and when?
  8. I've ticked that option but I do not see it working when tested. A Cashier profile can still cancel an item from a ticket and close the sale afterward without any request for manager's PIN. Did I miss anything?
  9. Can I suggest a report of all items which are cancelled during a transaction per cashier just like receipt cancelled?  Actually there is a loophole whereby a Cashier can either delete or reduce the quantity of an item purchased while processing a transaction.
  10. How do I create a pos network: Samsung tablet, a scanner, thermal printer & cash drawer using a wifi or Bluetooth connection?
  11. Hi, can we set an authorisation by owner before a discount is given to a customer or the staff can use this discount once this is set and we can rely only on his or her common sense and honesty?  
  12. Hi, I have the same problem. I was using it freely for training with 1 Store 2 Pos and 2 Employees created. After the trial period I cannot go to BackOffice on Loyverse to modify anything. No sccess to Employees items and cannot even chk sales daily. Why is this? I need to conduct last training prior going live in 1month. 

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