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  1. Hello! Yes, the stores can be located in different countries. The Employees and Items can be assigned to a particular store. Just a note: the currency (with decimals or without) will be same in all stores.
  2. Because the Employee management is a paid subscription, in order to use it and see daily sales of your Employees need to activate subscription after Free trial finished. Or unsubscribe from and all your Employees will be deleted but Back office will be unlocked and you will be able to access to all sections
  3. Hello! In Loyverse system only one price per item in one store. We have a special option to set a different Tax by Dining option, so the total will be different depending on Dining option you choose in the receipt. Please, check our Help material How to Apply Taxes Depending on the Dining Options Another way is to use a Composite item for a different price. Please, check this topic in our Community
  4. You can order all items from a certain supplier with an autofill option in a Purchase order
  5. if you put cost 2400, it will be for one pair of socks So if you have 10 in stock, it means the cost of those 10 will be 2400 * 10 = 24000
  6. Hello! If there only Owner in account it is possible to switch off the PIN code in Back office--> Employee management--> Owner employee card --> DISABLE PIN CODE button --> Save button
  7. Hello Ahmed! For Employees who do not need to use the POS app, you can create a special access role without access to POS or Back office For such Employee you can add a Time card manually in Back office
  8. Hello! In Loyverse system is possible to set one price for item in a single store. So in your case there are a two ways I can recomment: 1. To use a Composite item for online store for example. As a component you can add your item and set a special price for it. This way you will keep the stock. 2. we have an integration in our App Marketplace which will help you to integrate online shop with Loyverse system and keep your sales and stock synchronized
  9. Hello Newbiee! It is possible to give to Cashier access to only one store and to Manage POS with Employee email and password without seeing other parts of Back office. Please, see this special access right on a screenshot and details you can check in Article How to Manage Access Rights of Employees
  10. Hello Martinka5555! In Loyverse exist Inventory History report in Advanced inventory This option helps to check the history of a single item
  11. Hello! Yes, there no expected amount for other payment methods other than Cash in the shift. The expected amount for other Payment methods can be seeing in Report by Payment type. I understand your point to make it visible for Shift report for checking with Cashier. Thank you for your feedback!
  12. Hi Oates! At the moment Loyverse system has no option to track expiration day of items. In future it can be done by integration with other inventory systems by using API.
  13. Hello HabibSa! At the moment in Loyverse possible to set the Price of Item per Store, but not the Cost, unfortunately. Thank you for your feedback! It will be viewed by Developers.

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