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  1. Hello Jalingojo! Unfortunately the list of ordered items is possible to see only in Purchase orders, downloaded or just view one by one. Received items is possible to see in Inventory history report, but items which is not yet received not shown there. I added your comment to our Developers so they can check what can be done about it.
  2. Hello Assa-Manado! Am I correct, you want to see the list of items from supplier? do you need only to be able to see the list with available stock? or you want to be able to fill up the Purchase order with low stock items from particular supplier or all the items? because we have this feature already! It is Autofill option in Purchase order. Please, check here for more information https://help.loyverse.com/help/autofill-items-purchase-order
  3. Hi! It is a bit difficult to understand how exactly you use Loyverse system when you speaking about "sales to accounts". Do you add customers to the receipt? and you see reports by customer? or what exactly? And next question is about "total charged accounts" ... what it means? report about customer's total purchases in your store? Please, help to understand you clear.
  4. Hi! To add extra line in receipt, please, go to the App → Settings → choose your printer then open Advanced Settings and in the field 'Cutter ESC/POS Commands' add 0A, 0A before existing values. For example: 0A,0A can add only one extra line. So if you need to add two lines write 0A,0A,0A,0A
  5. Hello! Loyverse has an option to Cancel Receipts from the Back office Open Receipt section in Reports --> open receipt you want to cancel and cancel it here If you have many test sales, you can delete your account with all your data. And then start a new one. If you decide to delete your account, please write from the business owner's email specifically to privacy@loyverse.com with the subject "Delete my account." Our support team will then delete your account upon request and send you a reply by email.
  6. Hi jackjack! Yes, you are right. Unfortunately, Loyverse is not integrated with intelligent cash drawers at the moment
  7. On iOS we have £2, for Android it will be ready soon.
  8. Hello! Please, tell me do you use Android or iOS for POS. Looking forward!
  9. Thank you for your feedback! Developers will check what can be done about it.
  10. Hello! Unfortunately, such option is currently unavailable. Developers will check about it for sure. Please. let us know from which country you are? Will be very helpful if you can send a link for government requirements for POS system in English. Thank you for feedback!
  11. Hello Manuela! Employee can close the application and open it with only PIN code. To make a Sign out and exit from App it need extra efforts and we do not recommend to do it often. https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-exit-loyverse-pos If it happened that Sign out was done than yes, the POS must be activated with email and password. But Back office access rights can be limited by only one single option to manage POS devices and nothing else will be visible for Employee.
  12. The columns Supplier and Purchase cost already available in file So it is very easy now to update information for all items.
  13. Hello Jon! Loyverse Team will be happy to cooperate with you and become a partner with you. Regarding details, please, contact with Team by e-mail help@loyverse.com and explain details. And the right person will communicate with you soon after it. Thank you!
  14. With such questions is better to use online chat support, because we need to know more details about the situation in order to help you.
  15. Hi Awadz! In Loyverse system only three levels of included items. For example: 1 level is Item A 2 level is a Composite item B with a component item A 3 level is a Composite item C with a component composite item B The next level is not possible to create at the moment. I hope this explanation is clear for you. If you didn't pass this level than Item E must show up in creating of item D. Try to search by SKU. For me is not clear in your question if you create a Composite item E (production) with a components A + B, or you create composite item (A+B) and add this new composite item in production of E.
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