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  1. I think you can do this by utilising 'Units of Measure' - I Saw a similar question when selling Wine by the Bottle or Wine by the glass.. I don't use UOM in our business so not looked at it in depth but I know some people here have.
  2. Ideally you want to have "Nested" Categories.. This is something that should be available hopefully. Parent>Child>Grand Child relationship.
  3. Mark B

    Reports on Stock

    It's great to see lots of 'Sales Reports' which is very important. However, everyone also needs to be able to keep an eye on stock so I think a range of 'Stock Reports' would be extremely welcomed by everyone, Such as: - Low Stock report (by product / by location) - Stock Profitability report (Stating the most profitable items are in the store) - Stock Holding report (Stating how much Stock @ Cost you are holding within the store) Plus any others people can think of.
  4. First time I am taking a proper look at this system and so far very impressed. I have been testing it on our Apple tablets and Android tables with all kinds of scanners and receipt printers and so far... so good! Anyone who runs a shop/store/Concession and deals with stock understands that sometimes your stock can be out by X amount for various reasons. Is there a report in the system that will allow you to see a list of all your current Stock available at different locations. Printing this via a "Stock Count Sheet" would be incredibly useful when doing Monthly or Annual Stock takes.

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