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  1. John here is a link to Ontario Retail sales tax. I’m not an accountant so I hope you can find the info on this link. If not I can dig further and see what I can find.  https://www.fin.gov.on.ca/en/guides/rst/ JoAnne
  2. When I give a discount the tax is reduced, but the tax should not be reduced it should remain the same and the discount added on after the taxes. Because we still have to pay the government the initial taxes or we can get a fine. There can be no discount on tax only on the item. 
  3. Is it possible to see a graph of what days are busiest?
  4. I use the following: Quickbooks with iPad and iPhone app for book keeping and general accounting Receipt Bank app to photograph and upload to quickbooks all expense and inventory invoices i would appreciate it if you could have a way to go into the client purchase(receipt) history to see a past receipt. I sell supplements and sometimes my clients forget what the name of the product was they last purchased and I could look up their history and see what they purchased in the past. I generally remember my frequent clients, but some come into the store&nbs
  5. How does one itemize and sell gift certificates? Cash charged at sale? But then when the certificate itself is redeemed then how do you itemize it so it doesn’t add to your sales since there is no money coming in when redeemed? Thanks for any help on this. JoAnne

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