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  1. ppl's character, the way of thinking, technologies and a bit of other successful business's stories.
  2. I think if you have cashless systems or so-called payment system in your store then probably you could have some kind of loyalty solutions or vouchers or coupons which could be integrated with such systems.
  3. Hello, you always can test Xero or Quickbooks. They work well in any country.
  4. Actually difficult to say until it will happen, but it is already obvious, that most of all small businesses in France have to upgrade their software which they use and it is not so cheap things, to be honest... :(
  5. What changes will bring new Fiscal Policy (NF525) in France to local small businesses?
  6. I'm not sure exact models but looks like Custom's printers are well known in Italy and already many years in use there. They can work via Bluetooth and ETH.
  7. There is the only way I think is to check analytics of your sales from previous periods. To do so you have to use some kind of POS software to be able to keep all sales data and then track your trends per items
  8. You have to try and work out - there is no other way. Just "Guess" doesn't work...
  9. I can share an experience of one friend who has a restaurant. He has 2 POS and his restaurant works 12 hours every day. Average he has 120 receipts per day, which means 60 receipts per each POS. and if we divide 60 receipts by 12 hours we could find that every hour he serves to 5 customers on each POS.
  10. It is really good questions... And I think it would be good to know some local proper consulting, tax, legal companies or agencies which could be recommended by other Loyverse users. It will really help those entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the US. Might be someone can share about that?
  11. New York, LA, San-Francisco - their ecosystems are really good with big local market, good investment capacity and high entrepreneurship culture
  12. The best one is the one which brings good profit. :) But for that many different factors matters... Such as location, your service, quality of your coffee, your stuff, protection of your shop, engagement with your customers, trust in your core team, environment, music and many others...

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