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  1. KHZ

    Tax Rate

    Hello, Would like to thank you very much for listening to your clients. It is really a great App and a great Team behind it.
  2. KHZ

    Tax Rate

    Hi, I have submitted the supporting document. I think there is still time before this new regulation may be applied not less than 3 months from now. I know we could apply 50% as tax 1, then another 50% as tax 2, and finally VAT 5% as tax 3. But this may not look professional and may be not approved by tax department. At the document which I have included it shows if the order amount is $100.00 tax would be $100.00, then VAT would be 5% i. e. $ 5.00, so the total of the invoice would be 100+100+5=205.00. Thank you for taking care of your clients.
  3. KHZ

    Tax Rate

    I would prefer to provide this information including supporting document in a privet link. The expected tax would 100% of the total amount of the order plus 5% VAT. For example if the order was $100.00
  4. We expect a new regulations for TAX on Smoking at Coffee Shops and Restaurants of 100%. I found that the maximum Tax rate in Loyverse App is 99.99%. I hope it would be increased to accept rate of 100% and more.
  5. How to Print Daily Closing Report (Shift Report) on the Receipt Printer
  6. Payment with Credit Card does not show up at the Shift Report?  Yes, it does show up at the back office, but it is important to be included at the daily shift report.
  7. Is it possible to show the sale price on the kitchen order?
  8. I think Owner should control this. The Owner may allow the system print one or two or even more bills at the time of the sale. Also, the Owner must control printing a duplicate at a later time or at any time after the sale.
  9. You need to open excel program first, then click Data, from Text. A window will open to select your CSV file. After you select it, another window called Text Import Wizard will open. Follow the Three Steps that apear. The first step Choose the File Type that best describes your data (select Delimited). You may start import at row 2 as row 1 is too large and contains names of each coloum which you may not need. File Origin select 65001 unicode (UTF-8). Then go to next step Delimiters, select Comma only. Then next and finish.
  10. It is very important to prevent the cashier from exiting of the system?
  11. How to deal with receiving stock? How to update current stock with newly received stock?

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