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  1. Currently there is no table options available, however when creating a ticket you can name it T1 for table 1 for instance this helps to tell them apart. I agree though that it would be a nice feature to have for alarge restaurants.
  2. Hi there, I checked and on the home page it says that it is a loyverse partner so yes it does support loyverse
  3. Hey hi there, there's two ways you can set taxes in Loyverse: 1-Included in the price of your item 2-Calculated on top of the price of your item You can set this under Loyverse backoffice under Settings>Taxes>Add tax Then select either included in the price or added to the price. NB: you can have this tax applicable on new items or new and old or not at all in which case you can decide to apply it or not when creating ticket.
  4. Hey hi there! There is no delivery feature, it would be nice if one could be added. However here's what you can do: -Add a delivery item in Loyverse either $0 or at the cost of your delivery service -When saving your ticket, in the comments section you can add the delivery address and print the ticket for the delivery man. Hope this helps you. Eric
  5. There's two ways to do this: From Backoffice: -Select the red basket icon and them "item list" -Check the item you want to delete and then click delete on top of the page. From the mobile app: -Go to "items" press and hold on the item you wish to delete -Press "delete" on the top of the page. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  6. Hi guys, it would be amazing if you could make it so you can export the summary report as a pdf so you can keep the nice graphs and the numbers.
  7. This is a very interesting case, just a thought though, if Loyverse could make it so you can print 3 times the order to the kitchen so each chef can do his part, would that be a suitable solution for you? If so it might be easier for them to program this in the app than to create a whole new set of options. Also, though I never used printer for kitchen, I can see that if you put a name for your receipt, it does print out at the bottom of the ticket sent to the kitchen as shown in the example in this page: https://help.loyverse.com/help/using-kitchen-printers you can read "table1" at the botto
  8. For the delivery part, I would recommend the following: create 3 items at $0 for delivery, pickup or dine. This has the following advantage: 1-If you have a kitchen display set, this will show up on it. 2-It will not mess with your discount stats in the backoffice Has for the 2nd part of your question, Crissy was bang on! :) Hope this helps.
  9. There's a few options out there, bar codes are standard so no mater what you use it will work with a barcode reader. Most printers that prints barcodes comes witha software to help you with this you can also Google it and there's tons of options out there to help you achieve this. Here's the procedure to add a barcode to your item in Loyverse so when you scan it Loyverse will automatically add it: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-add-barcodes-items Hope this helped.
  10. Yes you can, go in Loyverse backoffice and then go to settings>payment types>add payment type you can have credit card, check and other as options.
  11. There's no such feature, however there are two ways you could get around this: If it is a percentage: -Go in Loyverse Backoffice and create a tax name it credit card and put whichever % and don't apply it to any item. When you create a ticket, you will have the option to apply the tax at the bottom. If it is a fixed amount: Create a new item named credit card payment with the $ value and just add it to your ticket. Hope this helps! :)
  12. From my understanding it won't work, however, there is a customer display system in place which works on a tablet, for more info you can visit: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-customer-display-works And to set it up: https://help.loyverse.com/help/customer-display-system Hope this helps!

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