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  1. Hi, i cant seem to download or find the loyverse KDS app on google play, is there some sort of compatibility issue? what devices are supported for this app?
  2. We use Star TS650 Bluetooth which work very well and also support the cash drawer.
  3. Sounds like you need to create a new POS device before you can use it. Settings (Back office) > Stores > POS Devices > Add POS. Log in on new device to activate it.   Hope this helps
  4. I'd like to be able to do this to limit the posibility of theft.  The only reason i can think of to have the button is for Cash drawer checks and end of day. Both of which are done by management/supervisors. Thanks
  5. I'd be careful about using the Employee tracking option. At $5 per employee per month it sort of goes against a free pos system
  6. I want to give 10 points to all new subscribers as a one off. When I insert 10.00 it turns out 1000 points. Can you help?
  7. Tony O

    Reports on Stock

    Have a look at Loyverse Dashboard app. It does show some of the things your after although reports would be much better. Would also be better if we could add stock seperately instead of having to enter it over the current amount. Less chance of errors.
  8. When you are entering or editing an item, click on the 'Track Stock' toggle to enable it. Another box will appear where you can enter the stock in hand and also enter an optional low stock number that will email you a reminder once it hits that figure.
  9. We have named each device seperately Empire Front & Empire Side represent the 2 pos we have in operation. That way we know which is which we doing end of day or a cash register check. + ADD POS section from the back office Hope this helps Tony
  10. We talked - you listened......... Thanks for the recent update. Ive asked in live chat if this could be slightly improved on. It would be great to see "Break Start" and "Break Finish" buttons there also to keep track of breaks/rest time. Also, in the back office i see you can manually adjust time cards, but only start and end time together. It would be helpful if you could manually adjust either time individually. I do this if a staff member has forgotten to clock in or out. Additionally i notice the total hours worked coloum counts every minute into its total. eg, Clock in 09:48AM clock out 05:05PM = 7.28hrs. Realisticly the shift is 10:00AM till 05:00PM = 7 hrs. If the system could round up to nearest1/4 hour, this would make it more accurate. Other than that, another great update.
  11. Hi, Would it be possible to add a cost price option for modifiers? This would assist greatly in keeping the food/item cost accurate.
  12. We currently offer a physical card which is stamped every time a customer buys a coffee. After they have bought 10 coffee's they get the 11th Free. It would be great to offer a digital version of this. I think the sign up process needs to kept really simplistic so as not to put off older customers or those who are not tech savvy. We'd like to be able to have plastic loyalty cards that could be swiped/scanned before or during a sale which then keeps a record of their purchases and points value etc. Customisable % or points would also be a great way of upselling particular items/products. Double point Mondays and other workable promotions that could be created by us for specific needs.
  13. Would it be possible to add a table number section or the capability of adding a table number to the orders without the need for using open tickets. It would speed up the operation considerably as well as avoiding confusion of delivering food to numberless tickets. We operate a payment on order system.
  14. Would be great to have a staff clock in and out feature with the capability of entering the employee's rate of pay in the back office. That way labour costs can be viewed at any given moment and would also serve as a helping hand with payroll. Of course, other employees not using the software (such as the back of house staff) would have to be also included but given a role that will only let them check in and out and not operate the software.

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