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  1. I want the notifications about low stock going to a new email address set up for our entire staff. How to do it?
  2. Hello Iscander, Try to download using APK App to Loyverse POS, fast, free and save your internet data. Loyverse POS 2.13.1
  3. Yes, you can set up authorisation by Managing Access Rights of Employees The owner can give employees different access rights to the POS app and the Back Office. To do this, you can set up the users’ roles by assigning them to a certain group. Enter the Back Office and open the 'Access rights' section in the Employee menu. You can see the user groups with their roles. By default, there are four user groups with preset roles: Owner, Administrator, Manager, and Cashier. You can create a new group by clicking on the ‘Add group’ button. The owner has all the possible rights, which cannot be changed. All other groups can be edited. You can assign a role to the employee during creation or change the role of existing employees. There are two blocks of access rights: POS and Back office. POS access rights You can create a new group by clicking the ‘+ Add group’. The right to access POS is turned on by default and the right to access the Back office is disabled. Apply discounts with restricted access When this option is disabled, the employee does not have the right to use the restricted discounts. See details in How to Create and Configure Discounts.
  4. As I can see in Advanced Inventory pricing page there are special offer : * If you have more than 3 stores, contact us for special offer Do we have similar for EM?
  5. Hi there! I'm a new user of Loyverse POS. Trying to figure out the functionality... I have a question. How to add new customers to CSV file. I strictly follow the help instruction it doesn't work, when I make IMPORT to the Back Office. Any advice?

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