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  1. What Loyverse should do is for each item in the back office have a toggle setting where you can turn on and off the loyalty feature for certain items that way if you only want to award loyalty points for “Item A” the loyalty points will only apply to Item A and not Items A, B, and C. Same for the discounts. In the back office there should be an option to turn off discounts for a certain item this way if the entire ticket gets a 50% discount, the item that isn’t suppose to receive a discount won’t be marked apart of that 50% discount. 4 items on the ticket all 1.00 each so the total is 4.00 1 of the items is not eligible for any type of discount. If I apply a 50% discount to the ticket the POS should only discount 3 out of 4 items on that ticket for 50% off 3.00 x 0.50 = 1.50 + 1.00 = 2.50
  2. Can we have more control with the discounts. I want to exclude certain catergories and items from being eligible for a discount. That way if a discount is applied, specific items will not recieve that discount.
  3. This is HIGHLY needed in retail business and in any business. If a price in inaccurate the POS user should be able to override the price of the item if the item was priced incorrectly in the system. Only managers and administrators should have the ability to change the price and this should be tracked as well in the back office. There should be a daily report of what items got a price override. It should also list which employees issued a price override along with the ticket.
  4. To answer your question: Question 1: When a customer makes a deposit. If users are using the Loyalty feature then when a customer makes a deposit they should build points the same way they would if they paid all up front. Question 2: Yes any employee should be able to create in house accounts for those customers. Options to change the credit limit requires special access rights. Question 3: Yes this feature is very important. If necessary this option needs to be available. In some cases a refund of the deposit may need to happen. This feature will be very useful to many businesses including mine.
  5. You can't have more than one owner. But you can create a Access Right and give that account the same rights the owner accout has.
  6. Please allow the price of items to be overridden. Sometimes the prices may not be changed in the back office in the time when my store has a sale for different clothing items because I may have forgotten a few items. When scanned it rings up the original price posted in back office. If there was a feature such as sliding right on the item on the ticket to override the price and then having a manager enter their pin number to temporarily change the price for that one transaction for that one item it would make everything so much simpler. This is a feature desperately needed, and I know the loyverse team can make it happen. Please!!!
  7. If you have an iPad use the Guided Access feature in the iPad's settings. Just google how to use Guided Access and instuctions will pop up! I use this feature to avoid my cashiers from accessing applications outside of Loyverse
  8. Currently Loyverse Back Office has employee names displayed as when they were first created and added to the employee list. Example if Hannah was created first then Amber and Ellen, Back office displays this as: Hannah Amber Ellen Which is completely out of order. It would make searching for employees easier if this list is Alphabetized especially if you have alot of employees.
  9. So the same way the customer display shows items on the ticket when creating a sale it should also show items being refunded on the ticket so the customer can see as well.
  10. Can we create a feature that a discount can only be used when the customer is actually on the ticket? Because I would like to have an employee discount feature and other member perks, but I want this feature only to be used when there is an actual person on the ticket from my customer base. I'm not sure if it is clear enough...
  11. You will need to log into back office, go to customers, customer base, then export that file. Once you export that file it should open in Microsoft Excel or a spreadsheet tool you use. You will be able to edit the customers name, points balance, notes, as well as add and delete customers. Once you are finished save that edited file and import that file back to Loyverse. Then you are finished!
  12. In the back office there should be a feature where an item can be excluded from receiving discounts. This way if a percentage discount were applied to the whole sale and that specific item on the ticket it wouldn't recieve the discount but all the other items would. All items should have the discount feature toggled on but for items not to ever recieve a discount the owner/administrator should have to log into back office and toggle this feature off that way when a cashier applies a discount to the entire sale that one particular item is excluded from being discounted.
  13. So when a cashier/supervisor is preforming a refund the loyverse system should ask the reason why the items are being returned and the options should be customizable just like modifiers when selling the item. So after the item is moved over to the refund ticket the screen should say Reason for Return? and the options should be 1. Didn't like the item, 2. Damaged/Broken, 3. Item doesnt fit. These option should also be customizable. This way in back office when I review the returns for the day I can also see why the item was returned to help give me feedback on the item. This should also be an optional option that way it can be enabled/disabled. It helps me because I run a retail store.
  14. Me personally I believe that you should be able to view all the receipts for all the POS devices at that specific store. That way if a customer comes in to return an item or exchange that item they can go to any POS device and do so. It's very frustrating only being allowed to view and return from the original POS device. Please introduce a feature that allows us to see and return items from all of the POS devices in our store. Thank you.
  15. Cameron

    Item Price Override

    It would be beneficial to be able to change the item price from within Loyverse POS by providing a manager override/pin. This way if the price of an item is incorrect or temporarily discounted we can override that specific item once while still in a current transaction/sale. Instead of canceling the sale and changing the price from the items menu. Then redoing the sale all over especially if there are multiple items. I understand that you can apply a discount to items % wise but I instead just temporarily override the item price and adjust it only for that transaction without actually changing the price completely. For example, a customer remarks that the price of a shirt is actually discounted for $5.00 instead of the original price $10.00. The cashier would be able to override the price of the shirt from $10.00 to $5.00. When the cashier rings up another shirt it will scan for $10.00 until the cashier overrides the price and makes it $5.00. I don't know if its clear enough but this feature would be extremely helpful!

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