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  1. How bitcoin can be used by SME?
  2. Why good infographic matters for a small business inbound marketing?
  3. How I can develop a community of hope in the area where I live and work as a small business owner?
  4. When meeting the dark side of the people, how can I keep believe in their bright side?
  5. You can try to call every day. Or you can use a service similar to http://loyaltyocean.com so that you could send in-app push notifications to your customers. It would save your time.
  6. Can I be successful in small business because of my own merits or it is because of the fortune from my ancestors?
  7. Can I become a blogger while running my cafe as a family owned small business?
  8. What is the best name for a pub? What do you think?
  9. How can I lose weight, while working in cafe and being an owner there (24/7 food around me, which I should not eat because of diet)?

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