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  1. Are there full set of services provided by digital only banks for small business, which usually traditional banks provides?
  2. Next platforms-organizations, that would be more successful then Alibaba and Amazon, wil be developed by small business owners, their shoppers, experts, investors, supporters, influencers together. Such platform-organizations, will be not only online platforms, but will have as well their strong offline part - in a way of strong real offline towns (microcities), with their strong offline ecosystem & communities, integrated with online business models and online communities. Such next platform - organization - town (microcity), will be able to become a hybrid of multiple business models in addition to hybrid of Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook, Linkedin, Disney, etc. The next platforms - organizations - chain of towns (microcities) will form the basis of sustainable development of hundreds and thousands of generations of its founding people.
  3. How right M&A strategy can help retail SME to win during 2020 crisis?
  4. Please share about the format of retail businesses you know are working during the quarantine. And including the ones who have adapted to it by making changes. And those who are preparing to adopt and re-open soon. As far as I know, and research - that convenience stores (such as mini-markets) are allowed to work in most countries. Those who are selling food, vegetables, and necessary products. Also, some cafes and restaurants are allowed to work through deliveries. Some cafes and restaurants have started their business model into hybrid format: starting selling fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and fish, and sets for salads, etc. to help people cook at home fast.
  5. M&A means Merger & Acquisition. Retail M&A - Mergers & Acquisition in Retail sector.
  6. Many small business owners are doing business in order to survive, or as their exit plan for retirement. In a daily survival game, or in a business that keeps people busy, often the very sence of business is getting lost. I believe that the ultimate goal of the small business is to create a value through it's products and/or services, and finally become value as a business for more bigger organization. This is what often is not discovered by smb founders. And this is something, what is necessary to improve. Because, it could provide and eye opening opportunity. Even if you as an smb owner are not planning to make an exit - it is still preferable to develop your business with value creation ready for M&A.
  7. What combination is the most of effective? and for what kind of sectors of retail and for what kind of business models?
  8. What SME communities and platforms, are doing especially good in crisis? And what are they missing? And what they are doing not good? What are their limitation and opportunities?
  9. What is best to know for every stage: for the newly start small business owner? and for the small business owner who already have a big experience in running his own business for many years?
  10. In what countries, what sectors, what specific businesses can benefit from POS financing? What services are available?
  11. I agree with the above vision of Loyverse.town and believe that it would grow into much bigger and broader then being a community of Loyverse users. There are much more that we can do at Loyverse.town and through it. Will be sharing about this step by step, and will contribute as well.
  12. It is the time for the shop owners, when it is necessary to breakthrough by focusing both on customers (shoppers) who are existing customers, and on a new customers as well. It is a good to experiment with a combinations - creating a hybrid of different formats: like combining a coffee shop, with delivery options and offering there as well necessary products for the nearby living people. For the small outlets it is the time, of the unifying hybrid formats of shops-cafes. Combining offline operation, with online deliveries. And empowering shop premises with necessary products and services for the specific area. Do not stick to one format only. Become multi in your approach, and study your clients and customers around. And study your competitors around. Including those who are not in a same format with you. It is a time to embrace and engage every possible shopper, through every possible channel.
  13. Elias

    Working from a cafe

    Now, looks in some countries - the trend is working from homes. But in South Korea, people are still actively visiting cafes, even though wearing masks.
  14. It could be an empirical method as well: what ever average costs in your company is spend in a certain period dividing on the number of customers you have acquired in a same period.

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