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  1. He añadido trabajadores, me gustaría saber cómo pueden ingresar para vender.
  2. It's not really possible to edit any data from the shift report. In Loyverse the shift report is just information for you to make sure cash amounts are correct and warn you if there is any discrepancy. If you are already aware of the discrepancy then you know you are not missing any cash. For more detail of the day's performance, you should check the sales reports.
  3. If you are asking to specify the location of the item inside the warehose, then no it's not possible.
  4. Tick the empty box next to the modifier, a bin icon must appear to delete it. If you don't find it let me know, I'll try to make a screenshot for you.
  5. You can sort out the item list to show items only from one category. And if you use a tablet you can choose how to place every item and category in the sales screen. You can create up to 6 different pages with different item layouts. You should look it up is quite useful, here is a link to the help article: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-arrange-sale-screen-loyverse Also this is the video:
  6. You can find the recommended hardaware at https://loyverse.com/hardware If you want to use a different terminal you will need to make tests yourself. Generally, Loyverse works well with printers with ESC/POS protocol.
  7. You can use the "sold by weight" feature that already exists. As you may have noticed Loyverse doesn't specify measurement units so you can establish any that you like.  For example you can create an item with the name "Item (m)", writing "m" to define the measurement so you don't forget; then select the "sold by weight" option. By doing so when making a sale you will simply introduce a quantity, which for you will mean meters.  I hope this helps you.
  8. Donald

    Export Sales Summary

    If you are having technical issues I recommendo you to contact the Loyverse support service using the live chat you can find at their website.
  9. Loyverse integrates with different payment gateways for USA, Europe and Australia, but currently there is no integration in South Africa. Here is more information about it: https://loyverse.com/payment-systems
  10. It's possible to print a Bill before charging the customer. The bill is often used in Restaurant settings when the customers finished their stay and are ready to pay.  If your printers is connected to the app Loyverse POS you can print a bill the following way: Reopen a previosly saved open ticket, click on the 3 dots button on the top right corner of the screen, click on "Print bill". After printing the bill the ticket will remain saved, so you can search for it later on and charge the sale when necessary. Here is more info about printing a bill from the Loyverse help center: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-print-bill
  11. Loyverse is compatible with thermal printers that support ESC/POS commands. To set up a printer with Loyverse POS open the app, go to settings, add a printer, and select "other model" as your printer model. If you use Android, you can choose between Ethernet, bluetooth or USB interface. Choose the right interface and proceed to connec the printer. If you use iOS you can only chose Ethernet as the interface.  In general it's a simple process. Here is more information from the Loyverse help ceter: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-set-other-printers-loyverse-pos  
  12. You can use the Shifts option. After it's enabled at the Back Office you will have the ability to open and close shift on the POS app. It's explained step by step on the website: https://help.loyverse.com/help/shift-management-loyverse-pos
  13. Es posible evitarlo. Existe el permiso "Borrar artículos de tickets abiertos" en la sección de derechos de acceso en el menú de empleados. Tienes que entrar al Back Office para ver esta opción. Primero tienes que añadir un empleado a tu cuenta, y luego serás capaz de restringir su acceso a la app. Si el permiso "Borrar artículos de tickets abiertos" está desactivado para el empleado, este no podrá borrar ningún artículo o borrar el ticket abierto, en cuanto lo intente desde la app le será preguntado el PIN del administrador y el acceso será bloqueado.
  14. Seguramente hay varios factores que pueden afectar al problema. En primer lugar, la red local. Si a la red wi-fi hay muchos dispositivos conectados es posible que esto cree interferencias. Por eso es recomendado que en caso de que compartas la red wi-fi con los clientes uses una red separada exclusiva para las impresoras y Loyverse. Otro factor puede ser la impresora en sí, que no funcione correctamente. En cualquier caso, siempre puedes reimprimir las comandas desde la sección de recibos desde la app Loyverse TPV. Si dispones de una de las impresoras recomendadas de Loyverse acude al chat de asistencia online e informa del problema. Si se trata de una impresora no recomendada, puedes acudir igualmente pero no podrán garantizarte de que puedan revisarlo a fondo, ya que necesitarían el mismo dispositivo para hacer pruebas y evaluarlo.
  15. Si usas una tablet o smartphone Android y tu impresora de recibos tiene comandos ESC/POS probablemente sí la puedas conectar. La gran mayoría de impresoras funcionan bien con Loyverse, aunque no todas. En cualquier caso siempre es necesario que hagas unas pruebas. En el centro de ayuda de Loyverse hay algunas indicaciones sobre como conectar modelos de impresora distintos a los que ellos recomiendan. Puedes consultar esta página: Cómo Configurar Otras Impresoras en Loyverse TPV

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