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  1. Añadir cuantos comensales hay conumiendo en una mesa.
  2. Sales data can't be modified in Loyverse. After deleting a store, deleting an item, or an employee, or after editing item's information such as price or cost; the previous transaction data won't change. It will remain unaltered in your account.
  3. You can keep making sales even when the internet connection fails. However, Loyverse is a cloud based system, so it's essential to connect the device to the internet to transfer all the data with the server. If your connection is usually not so good I would recommend you to check more often if all your sales data is correct. You can do that simply checking your sales and receipts summaries at the back office. The rest of features such as adding customers or a new item are not available while offline. And one more thing, never log out if you are offline or if you have issues with sales data. Lo
  4. Loyverse is a cloud based POS. You need internet connection to sync all the sales data with your online Back Office. But Loyverse pos allows you to keep making sales even if your internet is off. Which means that if during the day you lose internet conection you wont be interrupted and you will be able to register new sales. But the rest of functionality is limited without internet.
  5. There is not customer service number. Loyverse provides support via online chat. Or you can consult this community site to find answers to your questions or to create new questions.
  6. I'm not sure, but what I know is that Loyverse needs the printer to trigger the cash drawer. The drawer must be connected to the printer so when making a sale this one will activate the drawer and it will open.
  7. You can add more "employees" who have access to different areas of your data,  How to Add an Employee in Loyverse POS
  8. If you want to refund an item you need to find it first and for that you will need the receipt number. I don't think there is another way for it.
  9. In my experience Loyverse works well with small cafe and restaurant businesses. Depends what you are looking for, if you only need a software to track you sales then Loyverse will be useful, it also offer inventory features that you can benefit from.
  10. On a single view you can display only 4, to see the rest you need to swipe with your finger to change screen.
  11. Loyverse no te permite modificar ventas ya cobradas. Tendrías que hacer un reembolso y volver a hacer la venta con la forma de pago correcta.
  12. Quizá te sea más conveniente usar los modificadores. Puedes crear diferentes modificadores para cada plato del menú, para que sean seleccionables cuando el cliente está pidiendo. De modo que crearías tu artículo "Menú" y le asignarías todos los modificadores necesarios. La única contra es que no es posible llevar el inventario de cada modificador.
  13. No existe tal posibilidad. El inventario solo se reduce al cobrar el ticket. 
  14. Si, de hecho puedes usar la misma App Loyverse TPV y guardar pedidos, tales pedidos se pueden reabrir desde cualquier otro dispositivo y ser cobrados desde la caja rincipal.  Para ello tienes que tener activada la opción de tickets abiertos, más info aquí: https://help.loyverse.com/es/help/open-tickets Cada ticket que guardes se sincroniza con todos los dispositivos si estos están conectados a internet.
  15. No es posible unificar varios cierres de caja. Si es para hacer un seguimiento de los turnos de empleados lo que puedes hacer es usar la función del reloj: https://help.loyverse.com/es/help/time-clock Esto te permite registrar entradas y salidas de empleados y mantener el turno abierto hasta el final del día.

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