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  1. Social Media: interacting with your customers through social media such as a Facebook page it's a great way to naturally promote your product. Show pictures of your location, your staff, your pizzas, etc, and make it easy and friendly to encourage your actual and new customers to visit your place. Plus you can run promotions or contests, asking questions or proposing special tasks and giving a special price for the winners.
  2. Mystery shopper - You can benefit from a mystery shopping solution to gain the perspective of the customer at your shop. How he feels about the services, how was his experience, etc? It's perfect to evaluate your customer services and identify the weak points of your customer service and improve the pre-sales and after sales process. Knowing your problem is no problem.
  3. To remain competitive differentiation is important, hence the need for branding. The best response to competition is to define your brand and express it all the ways you can. There must be something about your business that will make the customers choose you over the rest of the competition. This is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). It could be your product itself, something unique they can’t find elsewhere, or the overall experience your customers get from your business.
  4. How do I boost my business profits? Do you have this experience
  5. What are the most valuable lessons you've learned about entrepreneurship?
  6. To see your profit, go to the back office. Go to Reports> choose report 'Sales by Item' or Sales 'by categories'.
  7. What is a composite item and how to create one?
  8. You can hide them unmarking option 'Available for sale'. More about composite items you can find here: How to Create a Composite Item.
  9. Yes, you can print receipts for your customers. You need to have thermal printer for that.

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