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  1. To guarantee a good customer service is crucial to gain satisfied customers. And satisfied customers will be the core of your success. Happy customers will become loyal customers and will ensure their return to your shop. Customer retention is the most efficient and profitable decision, much more than trying to get new customers. It is easier to sell to your loyal clients that already trust you and have a deeper connection with you. That’s why to meet customer needs should become your priority showing them that you really care.
  2. Oh, I heard about Gary Dahl, he is a really good entrepreneur! Some time he with friends hanged out in some bar. And they started talking about pets, how it's difficult to look after them... And Gary said: "Guys, just sell your pets and buy scarecrows!" They laughed and forgot about it. But Gary remembered. Then he went to the shop and bought many rocks, made boxes for them, you know, he even made holes in these boxes! And created instruction "How to look after pet Rock". He began to sell it for $4 per 1 rock. And in 6 months he earned $15.000.000 on his Rocks! Incredible!
  3. When I print my receipt, I see half of the total amount.
  4. How can I see daily sales results by items?
  5. How to turn off low stock notification?
  6. You can manage your inventory in your back-office r.loyverse.com. See detail: How to Add Items in the Loyverse Back Office.
  7. First, you have to set up the customer's loyalty program in the back office. Then, during the sale in the Loyverse POS app, you can sign up a new customer. This customer gets points, and they can be redeemed during their next purchase. See more details: How to Sign Up a Customer in Loyverse POS, and How to Redeem Customer Points for a Discount.
  8. During export items from file to Loyverse at the Back Office.
  9. Composite items are those which contain a number of other items. For example, if you want to create Hot Dog, first of all, you create its ingredients separately (bread bun, sausage, sauce, etc.). Then you create the item "hot dog", switch on "composite item" and add all of the items that make it up. You can find more in tutorial https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-composite-item
  10. Can I give access to my wife to my account?
  11. Can I print out the sale for the customer receipt?
  12. SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a unique code given to each item. I recommend using numbers of the format "10001", "10002"... etc.

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