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  1. Use as many pictures as you can. If you have a restaurant, take advantage of your variety of dishes and unleash your creativity! With Instagram, you will make the most out of every picture and will show a dedication for your customer base that they will appreciate and recommend.
  2. Gaining the loyalty of your customers is of vital importance for every kind of business; from cafes and restaurants to fashion boutiques. The core of your business is your customers, without them, there is simply no business. Make them feel they matter and that you are listening to them. If they have a complaint or a suggestion don't ignore it or just accept it but show interest and understanding by asking them more questions and going into detail. In line with what was said, a loyalty program will be very effective. Reward them for their purchases and their frequent visits to give them an i
  3. What you need is people talking about your shop or your service. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing technic. For that, rather than thinking how to reach to new customers first you have to focus in those who you already have. Be sure your clients are more than satisfied with you and that they are naturally willing to invite their friends and family. Of course, you can encourage this to happen, for example, giving them a free coffee or a free dessert if they bring a friend the next time they come. An incentive is always a good starting point. You have to build the concept that the mo
  4. How to correctly set up a price to my products with a desired margin?
  5. What's the secret to a successful coffee shop? There are examples?
  6. How do I raise entrepreneurial kids? There are successful examples in your life.
  7. Please try to change the paper weight or printing width in the printer settings.
  8. How can I change the cashier name in the receipt, to see my name instead Owner?
  9. You can use any credit card processing system with Loyverse POS, without integration between them. Loyverse POS can register payments made through the card processing system, installed and operated separately. Details: How to Work with Credit Card Payments
  10. How to hide components of composite items from Loyverse POS sales screen?
  11. Originally this POS was only for mobile devices. Some customers are using on their PC. To do this, you need to install an additional app called "BlueStacks". However, using this you won't be able to connect to a receipt printer or scanner.To connect them to the PC app, you can use RemixOS. But it can't be 100% that it will be compatible.

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