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  1. Listen carefullly because I'm gonna hand you the secrets to build a successful specialty coffee shop: Use your product (coffee) to wow your customers.Create systems that ensure quality consistencyAnd market yourself to position yourself and increase sales.Make sure your customers remember the first sip of that amazing espresso you preper specially for them. Systems that ensure you always prepare your espressos with the same quality. Get the right product, your equipment, espresso recipe, method of preparation... And tell stories about your coffee. Every specialty coffee has its own story,
  2. I know some people who didn't make it right the first time and they finally had to close down their business because they were just not making enough sales. And they were located in a shopping mall, with lots of foot traffic! In their case they were offering some "unique" product, kind of unknown, that it just didn't resonate with their audience or they couldn't market it good enough. It was a big lesson for them and I think also for all of us. So, how can you choose the best location for your cafe? I would say that it depends a lot in your product. I guess there is two d
  3. First of all, get to know your product, which is the coffee seeds. If you know it well, its properties, types of coffee seeds, ways of preparation, etc. you can be in control and find the right suppliers. You might find a great deal with a coffee provider that will set up all the necessary equipment and preparations for your new shop, but they will also want you to contract their products. Doing so you will be tied up to coffee seeds that they supply to you, with no choice to control its quality or origin. Remember that they are only thinking about making high-profit margins. Therefore the
  4. The only way to scann a barcode with Loyverse POS is if you have added it previosly to the item. Loyverse doesn't integrate with elecronic scales so unfortunately it's not possible to scann the barcodes generated by them. You would need to add the weight manually at the POS app at the checkout.
  5. It's not possible to do it. If there was a mistake the program wil show a difference, which will help you to identify the problem, and do doublecounting if needed. But it's not possible to fix the difference. It could be a feature request for the Loyverse team.
  6. The best aspects of starting your own business, from my viewpoint, are challenge and improvement. You will face many new problems which you must solve, and which will make you stronger! And step by step you will fulfill your goal. And the worst point is a big stress. Because when you will make some decisions or solve some problems, you won't have 100% guarantee that it will work. And nobody can't tell you an exactly correct suggestion. Each choice will be stressful for you. All the best for your business!
  7. How important is customer retention?
  8. How to retain your customers to keep coming?
  9. How does small and medium business manage their product development and design?
  10. Which reports can I export?
  11. Back office->Employee-> Employee list. Find Owner, open it and edit the name there. Click Save button.
  12. You can copy the whole column from your file to Loyverse template, for example, items name, quantity.
  13. Please check the article and video: https://help.loyverse.com/help/make-sales

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