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  1. 7 inches should be enough to display the "tablet" view of the Loyverse POS when positioned horizontally.
  2. You can use feedback boxes in your company to understand what's happening. And I suggest making some tests for your customers where you can ask about things which you need, also create some offering for improving customer base.
  3. Can someone recommend a good bookkeeper in Johannesburg?
  4. Use a chalkboard outside of your store; it's useful to catch the attention of the customers passing by. Use it to announce sales, new products, special offers, etc. Try to use the advantages of your location, make different kind of signs and announce yourself making sure your shop doesn't get unnoticed.
  5. Coffee shops are a people business, which means that it needs the owner's attention and engagement to build a successful business. Be present and interact with the customers to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  6. Very important! Attracting new customers are not as efficient as returning them. A loyal customer will always return to your shop to choose your products or service, and you are creating a relationship with them, so the trust they have in you will be stronger, and they will listen to your recommendations and suggestions. And they will probably talk right about you to their friends, at their job, etc. Investing in your actual customers is not easy, but it's worth it. Without a strong client base, you would have to rely on constant marketing and ads to keep attracting new ones.
  7. Narrow your target market. Go as much specific as you can and focus to satisfy the needs of a unique niche. This will make you the best in a specific area, it will be clear for you and for the customers, so it will enable you to maximize revenue and build a stronger customer relationship.
  8. Speak to your customers, they are a valuable source of information, and it just takes to spend some time to get to know them and their likes. You can always ask them questions such as what other products were they using before, or what places do they use to visit and why they stopped going. Also if you lose a customer, you can ask them what do they preferred about your competitor. Understanding your customers' stories can help you get an idea of what your competitors are doing good and wrong, and it will be a great contribution to adjust your product or service to beat your opponent.
  9. How did you increase sales using social media? And through which social networks?
  10. Can I accept checks or alternative forms of payment?
  11. Yes, you can. Export and report, which you want to print. Open with Excel or Google Sheets and then you can print it.
  12. Where can I find stock information for my items?

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