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  1. To run a restaurant in our days, you need to know about marketing, accounting, economics and finance, people management, kitchen management, personality psychology, and other disciplines. It is impossible to describe all the details of this profession in one article, so we will give only a few rules that you should know and apply; otherwise, you could potentially lose your entire business. When the entire business's fate that you have created or are currently running is at stake, you start thinking and acting more actively. It is most appropriate to look at yourself and improve your rest
  2. Let us start with a short history of the influencer concept. Even though the word influencer was officially introduced in the English dictionary just last year in May 2019, the concept can be traced back to a much earlier time. One of the first records about a business collaboration with an influencer is back to 1760, when a potter, by the name of Wedgwood, made a tea set for the Queen of England. Since the monarchy were the influencers of their time, Wedgwood's decision to market his brand as goods with a royal seal of approval allowed it to have the luxury status the brand still enjoys today
  3. Nowadays, technology is developing very fast. You might become confused when you have to choose software for your business from tens of thousands of applications on the market. What do you usually do when you have to choose something from a wide variety of options? Statistics show that previous buyers’ product/service experience influences 90% of the new buyers. Buyers want to get an authentic perspective from those who already are using the product rather than considering only the product's presentation. This is when the software review websites come into play as an essential role in de
  4. Recently I moved to another country, and I had to make an appointment with a doctor. The appointment system of that clinic was based on phone calls. Since I could not use my phone yet, I borrowed a phone to call the clinic. The receptionist asked me what number she would have to call in case something changed. I said that I could give my email. However, the receptionist said that they do not have the time to sit and write emails, and the quickest way would be through a phone call. In case there were some changes with my appointment, I came 20 minutes before my appointment. Fortunately, m
  5. Whether your product is content in a blog or an item in a store, in the end, you want as many people to get to know your product and buy it. It is at this point when marketing begins to play a significant role. How, then, can your product reach your target audience? Some of you may think that social media websites- such as Facebook or Instagram- are great tools to advertise your product and reach many people. Although this may work for some time, you do not have much control over the process, since you depend on the changes that take place within these platforms. Moreover, people who acce
  6. In an era in which people prioritize work and quality time with family members, food that's already prepared often comes as a solution, allowing people to save both time and effort for shopping and preparing meals. Such necessities used to be fulfilled by restaurants and cafes, but lately, supermarkets try to convince customers to visit their stores for lunch or dinner—not only for a grocery haul. This fusion of food retail and foodservice gave birth to a new trend in the food market: the grocerant. The concept of the grocerant The grocerant is a concept that defines a hybrid busi
  7. When we think of coffee, we think of it as a product that people consume either in their own homes, in the office, or at a coffee shop. Most of the time, however, coffee served in a coffee shop has a socialization component allowing people to receive more than a portion of caffeine. So let us discuss how we can develop a coffee shop business that can provide people with a thriving and joyful environment and eventually grow into a coffee-chain. What are people expecting from a coffee shop? First and foremost is to save time - especially for people with busy schedules, saving time is f
  8. Quarantine is now happening in many countries around the globe, and that is the reality now. There are different restrictions applied to the running of cafés and restaurants in the time of quarantine in different countries. Some countries have put restrictions by applying new rules to cafés and restaurants, such as limiting the number of people entering the premises or controlling the distance when people are within the premises. Whereas, some countries even forbid cafés and restaurants from opening their stores. Of course, follow the rules of your countries. However, despite the circumstances
  9. The motivation of any business is to bring joy to its customers. Therefore, when we talk about the purpose of a coffee-shop, we should consider the expectations of the consumers. Coffee is the second most popular drink to be consumed after water in the world and is preferred by millions of people due to its unique taste and its energizing effects. However, when it comes to choosing between one coffee shop or another, many factors make the difference. The idea behind a cafe Even though it is invisible, the idea the entrepreneur has when starting their business is essential because this
  10. Ashly

    Working from a cafe

    Humanity has a long history of doing business in the places that food is served. In ancient times there were marketplaces where humans came together to conduct transactions. It was trading vegetables, animals, grain, etc. People often have been eating in those markets while doing business.
  11. Many people do their jobs from a cafe. Cafe as a working place is popular among freelancers as well as for office workers. Freelancers often find it difficult to work at home and lose concentration Working at home, we often get distracted and lose motivation. Often we associate home as a place to relax. If you have to do your tasks at home, such as reading articles and researching materials for future work, we need to spend much more time than the job itself requires. Sometimes we can go too deep into the topic or expand its context by surfing around the web. Even if you unders
  12. I agree that experience and vision play a significant role in growing successful businesses. It is also true in the foodservice industry.
  13. If you love your job, overcoming difficulties will bring you a lot of joyful moments.
  14. The staff number depends on the size and specialty of the restaurant. If you have a self-service restaurant where the dishes just cooked and not deliver to tables, you can have one server per shift for every 12 tables. It would help if you also had a cooking staff of 4 people for every 50 customers. If you have seating places for guests and servers for them, you need one server for 4-5 tables and 5-7 cooking stuff. But it also depends on the intensity of gusts coming. There are also other workers needed for your restaurant; cleaners, cashiers, chefs. The more high level of your res
  15. A restaurant owner has two choices in the management of the restaurant. 1) Manage by him/herself. When the founder of the restaurant starts the business from scratch and takes full responsibility for the running of the business. This is the case often seen in small businesses. 2) The owner may hire a manager. Someone who takes the role of managing the restaurant on behalf of the owner. Either way, for a successful operation of the restaurant it is important for the managers to know what strategy to take and how to conduct their business. Managers should be reliable and proactive in

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