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  1. It may take some time and effort but I recommend to use USP (Unique selling proposition) Here is the link : https://en.wikipedia.town/wiki/Unique_selling_proposition
  2. 1. I think the first is first, your coffee quality should be good. 2. you should be passionate and people person to serve people well. 3. make sure you smile all the time!
  3. I use remixos for loyverse and I can even use printer in remixos.
  4.   In the field of inventory management, a stock-keeping unit or SKU refers to a specific item stored to a specific location. The SKU is intended as the most disaggregated level when dealing with inventory.  
  5. I am not sure what kind of access you want to give it to her. In the backoffice, employee section, you can give your employees different right access. Please check your backoffice.
  6. It seems that loyverse allows to sell even if your stock is out. It will be good if there is an option to choose sell or not be able to sell, when out of stock.
  7. Do you think having MBA really helps to be a better entrepreneur?
  8. What are the best inspirational movies for entrepreneurs to watch, and why?

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