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  1. Ok, thank you for your response, good info. It makes sense.
  2. Thank you for your info, So if I understand you correctly, this printer will not work under any circumstances with iOS? or are you saying that it might or might not work over Ethernet? is there some development that can be done by Loyverse to make this printer work over Bluetooth with an iOS device in future? Thank you!
  3. Hello, I am using an xprinter Q200 printer via Bluetooth together with a Lenovo Android tablet. its working good but the tablet is old and slow. I want to use an iPad air 2. i know this printer is not working over bluetooth with iPad because i tried it about 2 years ago. but has anyone got it to work over USB with this printer and iPad? Loyverse says the ESC/POS printer should work with iOS and Loyverse. has anyone been successful with this? Thank you
  4. Hello, Example: Selling a drink called Mojito It is a composite item So when making a sale i want to have the option of choosing the liquor that will be deducted from the stock. Mojito with: Havana Club Bacardi etc. I also want to have a modifier that lets me make it a "double" so when i make the choice "double" then it will deduct 8cl. instead of 4.cl from the previously chosen liquor As it is now i need to make maybe 5 different items for the same cocktail, and its several different cocktails. so instead of maybe 30-50 cocktail i can end up with 200. it makes the POS very messy and tiresome to deal with. How can this problem be solved? Am I the only one that want to have a feature like this for an item?
  5. I use the Q200 Bluetooth printer from Xprinter with my Lenovo tablet, very good. Very fast and good printer which is sold under the name q200 on AliExpress for about $58.14
  6. How to add more than 1 owner in the employee list? Help me, please
  7. I want to make a specific discount on the item, like a modifier but that will deduct price

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