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  1. Andy's post in Has anymore had experience with the ticket printer epson tmu-220b connect to the POS? was marked as the answer   
    Hello. As I see the specs of this printer, there is no mention of any of the supported by Loyverse communication interfaces (USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet). Therefore this printer most probably will not work with Loyverse. 
  2. Andy's post in Why is it that my sale summary report vary on laptop backoffice and on mobile browser or mobile Loyverse app? was marked as the answer   
    Hello. The Back office takes actual time from the device that it runs on. If there are different time settings on your devices, the reports will show other periods. That's why the report numbers would be different. You have to check the time settings on your device - time and time zone. Better to set the automatic mode for time settings.
  3. Andy's post in Customize the receipt by adding Call# field to call the customer when his order is ready. was marked as the answer   

    You can add the number as the comment to the open tickets. Or register the customer into the loyalty system, and the number will appear on the receipt.
    Details are here:  https://help.loyverse.com/help/customer-info-receipt

  4. Andy's post in Is possible to show the amount on payment device? was marked as the answer   
    Do you mean that Loyverse should transfer the total amount of the receipt to the card processing terminal?
    Check the list of integrated card processing terminals here: https://loyverse.com/payment-systems
    There is a list of integrated payment processors with Loyverse. When checking this list, note that there are differences in the list of integrated payment systems for Android and iOS devices. Also, integration may work only for certain countries. Check if your country is on the list.
  5. Andy's post in Other Printers Star Tsp143iiu+ was marked as the answer   
    Hello. Unfortunately, only TSP143IIILAN model of the printer TSP143 works with Loyverse only via Ethernet port. In the supported printers list, it is mentioned as TSP143IIILAN (Ethernet). The printer will not work with Loyverse if connected via USB.
  6. Andy's post in Loyverse POS is a multichannel POS system? was marked as the answer   

    Loyverse POS is designed for registered sales in the stores, and it does not have the built-in multichannel sale functionality. But you can connect Loyverse POS with the different sales channels through integrations. There are many apps on the Loyverse Marketplace that can connect Loyverse with different other sale channels. For instance, e-Commerce integrations connect with popular platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Wix, OpenCart, and Google Shopping, and many others. It means sales and inventory will be synced between Loyvserse and the integrated e-Commerce platform. 
  7. Andy's post in Cancel Paid Orders in KDS was marked as the answer   
    Hello. Unfortunately, it is not possible to show on KDS the cancelation of closed (paid) tickets. 
  8. Andy's post in Las ventas se pueden eliminar? was marked as the answer   
    Hola. Loyverse no tiene la función de eliminar recibos. Está hecho por motivos de seguridad para evitar posibles manipulaciones. Pero puede cancelar los recibos en la oficina administrativa. Cuando cancela un recibo, no se contabilizará en los informes y todos los artículos se devolverán al stock. 
  9. Andy's post in I run a food truck and we want to add the CDS to our system we have a wifi access point in the truck, with no internet to be able to sync the POS to the CDS but i dont seem to be having much luck? was marked as the answer   
    Hello. The CDS can show the information from the POS without connection to the global Internet. It is enough to have a local WiFi connection through a WiFi router.
  10. Andy's post in No sales information it's being register in dashboard or back office. was marked as the answer   
    Hello. The POS syncs the data with the Back office and Dashboard when there is an Internet connection to the POS device. Please, check the internet on your POS device. 
  11. Andy's post in Can we change the closing receipt? was marked as the answer   
    Hello. Unfortunately, It is not possible to customize the closing shift report.
  12. Andy's post in Can you email an invoice that has been closed or completed hours of days after sale? was marked as the answer   
    You can resend receipt several times (also to different addresses) from the Receipts list at POS. 

    There are additional actions you can do with the selected receipt under the three dots menu (⋮) at the upper right-hand corner: ‘Print receipt’ (if you have connected the receipt printer) and ‘Send receipt’ by email.

    If you choose to ‘Send receipt’, you have to enter the email of the recipient in the pop-up form and tap ‘Send’.

  13. Andy's post in Square reader and loyverse was marked as the answer   
    Hello. Unfortunately, Loyveres does not have integration with Square card reader. 
  14. Andy's post in How to increase the font size on POS was marked as the answer   
    It is possible to increase the font size of the text in the Loyverse POS app by increasing it in the device settings.
    Note: The built-in functionality of Android implements this option; therefore, some words may be displayed incorrectly in some languages.
    For Android devices, open Settings and go to the ‘Display’ section. Open the ‘Screen zoom and font’ or ‘Font size’ menu.

    Change the font size of your device.

    After saving the device settings, the font size of the text in the Loyverse POS app will change.

    Note: Those fond settings will not influence the fond size of the printed receipts. 
  15. Andy's post in I keep getting this message Please make sure the printer is connected and try again was marked as the answer   
    Hello. We suggest using a separate WiFi router to connect POS with KDSs.
  16. Andy's post in How can I get invoices instead of tickets? was marked as the answer   
    Hello. Loyverse was designed for the registration of retail sales. Unfortunately, Loyverse does not have the functionality to create and send invoices. 
  17. Andy's post in My Scanner is not identifying my barcode but they match in the item list was marked as the answer   
    Please, check the scanner specs if your scanner works with the types of barcodes that you use. 
    There are different barcode types, such as EAN, UPC, Code 39, Code 128, etc. Each type presents the same numbers in different ways.  
  18. Andy's post in I get advise if the S730 is compatible with Loyverse POS or not? was marked as the answer   
    Loyverse POS on IOS devices supports only scanner models from the Supported Scanners list. Unfortunately your model will not work with Loyverse on iOS devices. 
  19. Andy's post in When sending orders to our Bar Loyverse KDS some orders appear twice was marked as the answer   
    Hello. Please, check the settings in Loyverse POS Settings > Printers, then open your Bar KDS. 
    You may apply to the Bar KDS several other printer groups beside Bar priner group. 

  20. Andy's post in I just want to check if it is possible for me to extract the KITCHEN DISPLAY DATA specifically on the time taken by a ticket to be completed? was marked as the answer   
    Hello. Unfortunately, Loyverse does not have functionality to extract these data. 
  21. Andy's post in How can I receive the money paid by Credit card? was marked as the answer   
    Hello. Resently SumUp started to work in Colombia. https://sumup.co/
    So you can use Loyverse POS to register sales and accept credit and debit cards with SumUp. https://loyverse.com/sumup
  22. Andy's post in How do you integrate the Loyverse POS to the Elavon processing account? was marked as the answer   
    You can use any credit card processing system with Loyverse POS, without integration between them.

    Loyverse POS can register payments made through the card processing system, installed and operated separately.

  23. Andy's post in Credit Card Payment New Zealand was marked as the answer   
    Hello. You can check this article: How to Accept Credit Cards with Loyverse POS and Smartpay
  24. Andy's post in When I make split payment I don't know letter how much the Clint pay in cash and how much pay in card was marked as the answer   

    Unfortunately, there is no such information in the exported file at the Receipts report.

    You can check the report by payment type to see the amount by each for the selected period. 

    If you need to check split payments, you can open the required receipt at the Back office. 

  25. Andy's post in Payment type with out tax was marked as the answer   

    Taxes are applied only to items. It is not possible to apply or not to apply taxes to specific payment types.

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