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  1. Hello. I am afraid that it is impossible to send a receipt from one Sunmi device for printing at another Sunmi device.
  2. Sometimes, Loyverse users face a situation when they need to change an email, password, timezone, and Back Office language. From now, owners and employees with access right to the Back office have a section in the Back office with its account settings where they can manage all those settings. For more details, check the help article: How to manage account settings in the Back office.
  3. We do not have the Sunmi T2 Lite model and cannot test if the built-in printer works. You can connect the external receipt printers to the Sunmi devices as well. Check the list of supported printers. Loyverse POS works on one Android device, and Loyverse CDS works on other Android device and those two devices connected via WiFi through a router. But in the case of Sunmi, both screens run on the same Android device. So, it is technically not possible to install and run CDS on the same machine. But we have the plan to make integration a second screen on Sunmi devices to work as CDS. Unfortunately, I cannot tell any definite time when it will work.
  4. Hello. The Loyverse POS app for Android is compatible with built-in printers on Sunmi devices. The list of Sunmi devices that will work with built-in printers: Sunmi V1 Sunmi V1S Sunmi V2 Sunmi V2 pro Sunmi T1 mini Sunmi T2 mini Sunmi D2 mini Sunmi T2 Sunmi S2 Sunmi M2 How to connect internal printers on SUNMI devices, see the tutorial: Connecting Built-in Printers on Sunmi Devices Built-in LED customer display works for Sunmi models T1 MINI and T2 MINI. In Sunmi models with a second big display, this display will not work as CDS. If the Sunmi device has a built-in camera, you can use it to scan barcodes during the sale. Or you can connect external Bluetooth or USB barcode scanner.
  5. The display of date format depends on your browser settings. The format MM/DD/YY is used in the USA. To change your format settings, go to the browser language settings. For example, in Chrome, it is in Advanced > Languages. You see, the first language is set to English (United States); it calls locale. It means that the browser applies to the United States time format. Try to move the English (United States) line down trough the three-dots menu. Now you have English in the first line. Now you can see the desired format of date in your back office. Browser local influence also formats of time and the first day of the week on the calendar. All this data are shown in the Back office in a format according to the regional settings of the browser and the language of the Back office.
  6. Hello. Loyverse POS on IOS devices supports only following scanner models: Socket Mobile 7Ci Socket Mobile 7Qi Socket Mobile S700 Socket Mobile S740 Socket Mobile S800 https://help.loyverse.com/help/supported-barcode-scanners
  7. Hello. We are developing such functionality of a specialized field for bar-code in a customer profile. Please, check the announcement about new features released in the blog.
  8. Help. Unfortunately, there is no such information on the exported file.
  9. Andy

    Can't Email Receipt

    There are a lot of reasons the customer does not receive the emailed receipt. The most common are: mistyping customers' email during entry or the email was sorted to the junk folder.
  10. Andy

    Can't Email Receipt

    Hello. Could you please, make a more detailed explanation of how you cannot send a receipt? There is not such a field for email? There is no send button? Can you not click on the Send button? Or something else happens? Some screenshots would be helpful.
  11. Hello. The date and time is the information that Loyverse POS app prints on each receipt. From your description, I guess that your printer may have no power to print longer receipts till the end. Do you use the receipt printer from the supported printer list?
  12. Hello. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make such a report directly at the Back office. But there is export functionality at the Receipts section of the Back office. After exporting all receipts as a CSV file and open it, you can try to sort and filter the table in a suitable way. https://help.loyverse.com/help/receipts-section-reports-back
  13. How to make refunds, please, check here. https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-issue-refund-loyverse-pos Как делать возврат товаров через Loyverse POS https://help.loyverse.com/ru/help/how-issue-refund-loyverse-pos How to attach technological maps for dishes? There is not such functionality in Loyverse. Please, try functionality of composite item. https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-composite-item Как создать составной товар https://help.loyverse.com/ru/help/how-create-composite-item
  14. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make a sale by selecting a cash payment type and opening the cash drawer with no printing receipt.
  15. How to open cash drawer without making a sale You can set the right to open cash drawer without making a sale for your employee group. Go to ‘Access rights’ menu at the ‘Employee' section in the Back Office and open the group for the editing. Check the box ‘Open cash drawer without making a sale’ in the ‘POS’ section. Don’t forget to save. You can find the ‘Open cash drawer’ button in the three vertical dots (⋮) menu at the Sale screen of your POS. Note: the button ‘Open cash drawer’ is displayed only if there is at least one printer connected with the option 'Print receipts and bills'. https://help.loyverse.com/help/connect-cash-drawer
  16. Hello. The name is Kitchen display at the end of the dropdown list of models. Please, try to scroll the models' list to the end.
  17. Hello. Sure, you can use Android smartphone with CDS together with POS on iOS. Please check if you did everything according our guide https://help.loyverse.com/help/customer-display-system. Also, you can try to assign a static IP address to the CDS phone to have stable connection between devices. https://help.loyverse.com/help/troubleshooting-when-working-kds
  18. Hello. Unfortunately, it is possible to connect Ethernet printer only trough the router.
  19. Hello. Loyverse is a cloud-based complex POS-system. It is a SaaS platform, and there is no possibility to run Loyverse on other servers.
  20. Hello. Could you please, send the request from the owner email to help@loyverse.com with the request to sign out your POS (please, mention the POS name) from the device. After your POS is signout, you can enter to this POS from other device and continue receipt numbers.
  21. Andy

    Connection Issues

    Hello. We suggest checking the supported printers list before obtaining a receipt printer.
  22. Hello. You can add such numbers of POS at the Back office and use them under one account.
  23. Hello. There are three preset labels for Dymo printer in the Create labels functionality of Advanced inventory in the Back office. 3/4" x 2-2/2" (19 mm x 64 mm) 1" x 2-1/8" (25 mm x 54 mm) 1-1/8" x 3-1/2" (28 mm x 89 mm)
  24. Hello. Could you please, specify the printer model? What interface do you use to connect it to the device (USB, Bluetooth, or Ethernet)? What is the system of your device (Android or iOS)?
  25. Andy

    Xprinter XP-58IIH

    Hello. From the receipt photos that you have sent before, I can guess that this printer cannot digest the information received from the POS device. You can try to set this printer in a Text mode instead of Graphic in the Advanced settings. It is one of the problems of budget printers: they cannot perform properly. In many cases, cost savings are made at the expense of quality. Please, read my article:

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