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  1. Hello. Unfortunately, it is not possible to send orders from outside the local network. The POS and KDS work only if the devices are connected to the same WiFi router.
  2. Hello. Unfortunately, Loyverse does not have integration with OpenCart.
  3. Hello. Unfortunately there is no way to edit receitpts and change payment type.
  4. The excellent points of printers from well-known manufacturers are stable characteristics (for enstance ESC/POS commands) and an extensive network of service centers. Of course, like any business, you may want to reduce expenses and avoid unnecessary spending of money. But in the case of sales equipment, particularly POS printers, you may think more about it as an investment. What is the best printer that may help you to fulfill your goal and make a purchase experience for your customers smooth and quickly?
  5. Thanks for the information, but it is necessary to know the exact printer model. The situation of different printer models may vary, even though they are from the same brand.
  6. Hello. Could you please, tell the printer model and what is the connection interface (Ethernet, Bluetooth or USB)? Please, not, that printers from supported printers list was tested and sure work with Loyverse.
  7. Andy

    Tip reporting

    So far, tips functionality works together with some payment systems. How to Add Tips to Payments Made through Card Readers In this case, tips will be shown in the exported files of Receipts and Payment types and also in the Shift report on POS.
  8. I think it is better to look at mobile printers. Even such a small printer as the Epson TM-P20 would be enough for such a type of business. The battery life of 26 hours if working on Bluetooth connection would be enough to use during the day and charge at night. According to the specs of this printer, you can load the paper of 58 mm width; that may be enough in case if your product names are not so long. Usually, the food truck business menu consists of several dishes, and the receipts are quite short. Epson TM-P20 can load the paper roll of 40 mm diameter that corresponds to a length of about 15 m. If your receipt length is 10 cm, you can print 150 receipts from one roll. It means you can load paper rolls once in several days.
  9. Hello. Thanks for the information, Ali. Could you please, mention the country of these requirements? It looks like requirements for a fiscal receipt but Loyverse issues nonfiscal receipts. It is possible to customize receipts in Loyverse to some extend, even now. But it is not possible to complete all requirements by customization. 1. It is possible to add a logo to the receipt. If you make the logo out of the text Tax invoice and your business logo, you can reach a similar result. https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-add-logo-receipts 2. You can add text to the top of the receipt. This setting is at the Back office > Settings > Receipt. You can add there the business address and tax number. 3. If you apply to all items included in the price tax, all the printed item's prices will be printed with like this. 4. Loyverse receipt has a separate line with the amount of included price. There is also a total. The only line that Loyverse does not show is "Total before included tax." But these requirements are not directly mentioned in point 4. It is only at the sample receipt. I am confused - if this requires obligatory to show the "Total before VAT," or is it optional?
  10. You may try to use kitchen orders, but they do not contain barcodes, only order number and items name. https://help.loyverse.com/help/using-kitchen-printers
  11. Loyverse has functionality to print labels for items as a part of Advanced inventory functionality. Please, read about this here: How to Print Labels for Items
  12. Unfortunately there is not functionality in Loyverse, that allows to customize printed shift report. You can try add tax information to your store name.
  13. Unfortunately this printer is not in the supported printers list: https://help.loyverse.com/help/supported-printers. We do not have this model and does not test it.
  14. 1. For now, there is no support for the work of the second display of Sunmi devices. The second display will not show transactions as Loyverse CDS 2. Yes, if you plug in the cash drawer directly to Sunmi T2, it will work.
  15. For thermal printers, you should use special thermal paper. Before buying paper for a receipt printer, make sure that your paper roll will fit your printer. Check the specs of your printer. There is usually roll width and roll diameter. You can use a roll of the smaller size that your printer allows. But it is impossible to put a roll if one of those sizes exceed the required.
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