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  1. On September 23, Loyverse released an API and App Marketplace that allow merchants to connect third-party apps to their Loyverse account. From now on, Loyverse users can easily integrate popular online accounting (Quickbooks, Xero, Sage), eCommerce (Woocommerce), marketing (Mailchimp and Constant Contact) and business workflow automation services (Zoho Flow, Integromat). We will continuously update the marketplace with new apps. Integrations will allow merchants to automate their processes and help run business more smoothly and efficiently. As a special offer for merchants to overcome pandemic (COVID-19) consequences, integration access is available for free until January 1, 2021 (additional fees may apply from app developers). There are two ways to connect third-party apps to Loyverse: 1) Connect apps from the marketplace by approving their access to your account; 2) Create a token in your Back Office that gives full access to your Loyverse account via API and manually provide it to third-party apps. To start using integrations simply go to Integrations menu in your Back Office and click ‘GET STARTED’ For more details, check these materials: How to connect apps from the marketplace to Loyverse How to create tokens for API API documentation
  2. We hope you like our newly redesigned homepage on loyverse.com. In addition to more modern page design, loyverse.com has renewed its structure and content to suit visitors' needs. There are the most popular sections at the top of the page: Features present all different features of Loyverse, Hardware lists printers, scanners, cash drawers, etc. that work with Loyverse, The Products menu presents details about each Loyverse product, its specifics, and features. It contains an overview of Loyverse POS, Back Office, Dashboard, Kitchen Display, Customer Display, Employee Management, Multi-store Management, Advanced Inventory. There are also industries menu describing features vital to use Loyverse in small businesses, retail, restaurants, cafés, boutiques, and bars. The new website also has a marketplace of integration apps with popular services for merchants. There are also many other pages that we hope that our users will like. For instance, Payment systems page contain all integrated card processing terminals and the country of their operation. As before, loyverse.com offers the content in 17 different languages, users from other parts of the world get comprehensive information about the product. Loyverse.com has a 'responsive' design that displays the same content on the same web page regardless of whether users visit from a desktop computer, tablet device, or smartphone.
  3. You may try to add this printer as "Other model". Check: How to Set Up Other Printers in Loyverse POS But be aware that not every printer may work with Loyverse POS. To be 100% sure, please use a printer from the list of recommended models.
  4. Hello. Do you try to connect this printer to iOS or Android? Which interface do you use (Bluetooth or USB)?
  5. It seems that you have applied the amount discounts. Amount discounts are appliable only to the whole receipt, not to items; that's why they are not listed in the receipts by items exported file. More details about the amount and percentage discounts in the tutorial: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-and-configure-discounts
  6. Hello. Could you please provide some screenshots of such a situation?
  7. Hello. You can print a copy of a shift report only on iOS devices now (for Androids, this feature will appear later). There is the shift history functionality so that you can see previous shifts and reprint reports. https://help.loyverse.com/ru/help/how-work-shift-history-pos You cannot cancel the receipt that was fully or partially refunded without the cancellation of the refund receipt first. https://help.loyverse.com/ru/help/how-cancel-receipts
  8. Only the printers listed on our List of Supported Printers have been tested to work with the program. The printer you mentioned have not been tested and therefore, we cannot guarantee that it will work properly. While testing your printer, you can try choosing different combinations of options: select text or graphics mode, different paper width, etc.
  9. Hello. What is the model of your printer? Do you connect it to iOS or to Android device? What it the connecting interface: USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet?
  10. Andy

    Add a printer

    Hello. There are two necessary conditions to add any Bluetooth (or USB) device to the supported hardware list for iOS. 1) This device should be licensed at MFi Program ("Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad"). Is the printer, mentioned by you licensed at MFi? 2) We need to have this device, to develop the connection in Loyverse POS to the hardware.
  11. While opening CSV in google sheets, pay attention to keeping text format for all cells: In the Import file settings window, select ‘No’ for ‘Convert text numbers and dates’, and then click on the ‘Import data’ button.
  12. Hello. The format of the cells depends on your Excel settings. We recommend opening CSV files vie Google Sheets. Some of our users also apply CSV to XLSX (EXCEL) Converter before opening the CSV file in MS Excel.
  13. Hello. Unfortunately, we do not sell hardware, and the price for printers may vary in each country. You can check the list of our partners, and if some of them work in your country, check up the prices from them. Or search the printer sellers in your country.
  14. As I understand that your first screen is the list of receipts. And your receipt #9-1001 was closed on the September 2, at 22:01. The second screen is the list of open tickets, and you have the ticket with the name T6. How do you know that the open ticket T6 is the same ticket, that was closed, and become the receipt #9-1001?
  15. Could you please, make a screenshot of such enclosed payed bill?

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