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  1. Hello. Unfortunately, Loyverse does not have integrations with scales. But recently, we have added the functionality of scanning weight embedded barcodes.
  2. Hello. In Loyverse shifts connected to POS. Unfortunately, there is no way to consolidate shift reports from different shifts to one POS.
  3. Here is the video tutorial about integrations:
  4. “Retail is detail” and retail is all about data. Only those who know their data and are able to analyze and monitor them constantly will be successful in optimizing their business. To source and manage their retail and wholesale data, the Kenyan company MWINGI has been using Loyverse POS and inventory system already for over a year. MWINGI is serving dispersed rural communities in Kenya in hard to reach areas due to the lack of infrastructure (roads, electricity). MWINGI has developed an efficient distribution network through which it can reach the real “last mile” in rural Kenya.
  5. Loyverse POS app can be installed and run on iMin mobile devices. iMin produces a line of integrated mobile devices dedicated to the point of sale systems. There are devices with build-in receipt printers, such as iMin M2, D1w, D2, D2 Pro, D3, D3 Premium, D4. To connect the printer, select “Other model” in the Loyverse POS settings and set it as a Bluetooth printer. Check the tutorial: How to Set Up Other Printers in Loyverse POS Some of the iMin models have dual screens; with such models, Loyverse POS will run only on the main screen, and the facing customer screen will not wor
  6. Hello. Loyverse does not have a limitation on the quantity of the items. You can add more than 10k items.
  7. We have checked on our iPads, and there are no such requests with accessing the mic. But we have not iPads with such an old system and tried on youngest systems. Maybe, you can try to upgrade your iPad to the current iOS version?
  8. Thanks for the reply. Is this the first time connecting Sumup card-reader to this iPad? Or was it connected before?
  9. Andy


    Hello. Unfortunately, Loyverse POS does not have integration with myPOS card processing terminals.
  10. Hello. Unfortunately, Loyverse does not have settings for the font size of printing.
  11. Hello. Unfortunately, it is not possible to sum up, items across open tickets. It is impossible to connect an A4 type printer to the POS. But you can open the receipt at the Back office and print the web-page from the browser.
  12. Loyverse App Marketplace got updates with new apps that allow integration with eCommerce platforms as well as connectors. The eCommerce section gets new apps from SKUPlugs, Kosmos eSync, Octopus, Sqquid Multichannel. They enable the connection of Loyverse POS with popular eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, and many others. Integration of Loyverse POS with popular online platforms will connect your online and offline sales. Selling across multiple online and offline channels will boost your sales and maximize margins.
  13. Hello. Unfortunately, it is impossible to connect Loyverse POS and CDS on the devices connected to different WiFi networks.
  14. Hello. Please, check if your mobile devices - both with POS and KDS connected to the same WiFi network. How to find the IP address of iOS and Android mobile devices (with installed POS) check in this article: https://help.loyverse.com/help/troubleshooting-when-setting . Compare the two IP addresses: KDS and POS devices. Both of the first three groups of numbers should be the same. If they are not, that means the two devices are on a different subnet. (4th groups of numbers should be other) The solution is to reconnect your device with POS to the same WiFi network, w

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